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Thread: You Don't Speak For Me

  1. #1
    Hello again to every one
    If anyone here say that Americans want all illegal out of here then they don't speak for me. I disagree with them.
    Most of them come here to work and most importantly they LOVE America.

  2. #2
    Hihihi ho hoho hahahaha
    D A M N middle easterns
    (repeated all over your message)

    Man, you make us all laugh! Please edit your message and start by spellchecking: !! Middle EasternERs !! would make your message appear less like a joke

    If you were an immigrant (legal or illegal) and you you wanted to get naturalized, your spelling or your own US English language might get you deported right away!!! ) Hehehe

  3. #3
    you think i was joking ???

    i must've touched your aching nerve

  4. #4
    i need a spell check ??? hmmmm
    i blame Adrenaline and coffee
    don't worry about me. i don't need to apply for naturalization.

  5. #5
    Good I see that you have edited and corrected your spelling! Thank god for middle easterners who tell you how to spell your own language - you ignorant human being!

  6. #6
    you got offended ?
    don't call me a red neck.
    told you blame coffee ...
    i'll edit the original post.

    ... /edit message/ ... done ...

    you happy now ?

    wanted to PO sundevilusa and Micheal only

  7. #7
    very nice - well then don't say racist things next time - I don't edit out what I say. I stand by it!
    Well, after all let's say I'll just take out red-neck above since you seem to have changed your mind on middle-easterners since then (that was quick! )

  8. #8
    well i'm not a big fan of middleeast i'll stick to that
    comments were meant to PO arabs on this board namely Micheal and sundevilusa.
    up north where i live we don't have KKK, the new KKK aka minutemen and red necks.
    we have aloot of immigrants (legal and illegal)
    almost all contributing to the economy.
    God bless every one

  9. #9
    Moemoe: While you might not need to apply for naturalization, maybe an application for a high-school diploma might not be such a bad idea!!

  10. #10
    Obviously moemoe does not understand JACK!!! I think u should get back in your hole and zip it!!

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