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    I would be delighted to have one of those ..if it helps to speed up the process! I'll register for that right away. My wife is a hell of a cook! And my bar is always full!

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    No they don't.

    Cuz even fi they did -- the alien would just make up all kinds of bull**** lies and excuses to cover it up. So it's pointless.

    -= nav =-

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    look at the time it took to get one's case's impossible to think about INS will actually send someone out ....if they make unscheduled visit, whatif nobody home. If they schedule, everything is covered.

    If your marriage is legit, then we are more than welcome to get a visit if we can also got the stamp on the spot too...

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    Did you guys see the movie Green Card, it's a nice movie, get it, it's about a french guy who marry this American woman in order to get his paper together, it's funny because it looks like a real life story.

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    it so funny when the two ins agents came to see their apt and they started messing up on the details

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    Yes they do.

    However not as much since 911, or not like the raids they used to conduct after 911. They are way too busy these days.

    Max, dont stress about living apart from your spouse. this is very common in this day & age. she's in school and u r working out of state. no big deal. if union is legit, there is nothing to worry about. You may get hardcore interview, but in the end u will still be approved as long as your wife cooperates. I hope "Danielle" person is not your wife

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    Home visits were in the movie Green card and probably a long time ago when people were not coming in the country every second. The movie was on cable some time this week - can't remember what channel. If you see them at your door, you are going back home. I have seen them appear at people's doors but it never gets anywhere because people appeal and win. Those human rights can be very powerful.

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    Mian swears he saw INS before our interview, sitting outside our house.
    Sweet Madame Belu

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