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Thread: Schwarzenegger to stop 2 million illegal immigrants from obtaining driver licenses

  1. #1
    Schwarzenegger to veto licenses for illegals
    Veto would stop nearly 2 million illegal immigrants from obtaining driver licenses.

  2. #2
    Schwarzenegger to veto licenses for illegals
    Veto would stop nearly 2 million illegal immigrants from obtaining driver licenses.

  3. #3
    he is an immigrant himself and he is being mean to others.

  4. #4
    Reagardless of one's Political/Personal views I find it ironic that State would GRANT a right to drive on its roads to someone who explicitly shows evidence of his/her presence there without proper documents/Federal permission to be present at all.

    There is nothing mean in Schwarzenegger's action: it is only consistent with Federal Regulations.

    Either Federal Law must allow those people legal presence there (then Governor has nothing to do with DL issue) or else you must admit that Governor is performing his duty by complying with the Federal Regulations.

  5. #5
    Best way to handle this issue is always to not touch it,because it carries a lot of political results for elected leaders.Its one of those issues you cannot satisfy everyone.

  6. #6
    Schwarzenegger was a "LEGAL" immigrant - key word being legal.

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    Josephine I cant believe you are using this forum to send people to that macabre site we all know about.

  9. #9
    JD, why you looking at other pics besides Ahnold?

    Disclaimer: has disgusting pics. Only look at Ahnold. Oh, that's disgusting too. He does have quite the schween for a body builder, I always figured body builders built up to make up for a tiny schween.

    You got a better link JD?
    Sweet Madame Belu

  10. #10
    Well Jo, that site is what it says it is: plain rotten.

    If the Arnold pic feeds your curiousity and confirms your theories, good for you.There is a slew of pics there that denigrate women, thats why I was taken aback by a woman sending everyone there.

    Anyway thats the free speeach they shout about from the rooftops because stuff like this cannot be allowed to be seen anywhere else! ONLY IN AMERICA, as Don King would say.

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