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Thread: it there a possibility.

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    Been here since i was 12 years old.

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    Been here since i was 12 years old.

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    Prior to 1996 there was possibility, there were statutes allowing judges discretionary ruling under certain circumstances, there were suspensions of deportations for those who were illegally present in US for more than 7 years (provided they would suffer extreme hardship if deported), there were venues that protected certain class of aliens if they could show good moral character, long term residence and no criminal record.
    Those provisions of INA are no longer in effect, as of January 1997.
    And 245(i) had expired on April, 2001.
    So, basically, if you are illegal in US and not married to USC the only choice you have is to leave country and try to come back 10 years later(if you stayed illegally more than 365 days), or else file a waiver and you better prove extreme unusual hardship to your USC relatives(separation per se - for 10 years - is NOT considered extreme hardship) or else you are out.

    Good luck,


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