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    Mike did you live with your wife before, when you was in the US, did you have anything in both your names, you must prove that you had a relationship with her before you got married
    and denied entry back in US.

    things such as utility bills in both names, insurances, letters to one another, photo's, anything that they can see you had an ongoing relationship.

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    They want you to prove the validity of your current marriage, the old one is history, not relevant.

    Just thought, they probably think you are still in country if I remember your prior posts correctly, so they are saying you can not adjust in the US if you are in deportation proceedings.

    What does your lawyer say?

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    When you submited the I-130, which consulate did you specify that you wished to be interviewed at?

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    mike2007: just follow our rules and laws, dip$hit and stop whining. If you do not like our rules, then by all means stay away from MY country. We have rules and laws for a obey them...period.

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    it is MY country, you ****-eating go eff yourself, if your mother would take her tongue out of your a-hole long have NO rights, camel-**** too FN bad if our government doesn't process your application quickly....whine whine whine,...obviously you have been jagging off too many camels....and, best yet, NO ONE GIVES EVEN A TINY $HIT about you...(except perhaps those lonely goats outside your filthy bedroom)

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    <yawn>...just another camel-lover, aren't you?
    Go ahead...admit it...
    This is MY country, camel-d ung...not yours....

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    nice try douchebag, but I was born in the US, not in a pile of pigcrap, like you.....this is America, $hit-for-brains, and in America, we have laws and the people who reside here and are responsible adults (unlike you) obey those stay the eff in whatever $hithole you are in now....who cares? (hint: nobody)...have a nice day.

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    Is all of this banter really necessary? Is it solving anything? Go back to your corners, guys. Mike, S12 is (I think) a born USC and S12, Mike is from Jordan stuck in Mexico, so I don't think camels are readily available in either country. So give it up already, with the insults. Please.

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