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Thread: I-130 Bronzelady

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    When processing an I-130 for an EWI that is still in the country illegaly, does USCIS (generally) use the information to immediately put the person into deportation proceedings? My I-130 will be processed soon and my husband is still in the country. He's going to have to leave anyway, but I don't want to have to file any extra waivers, so if it is likely that he will get deported becuase of the I-130, we will make sure he leaves before it happens. Also, does someone who voluntarily leaves have to file the I-212?

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    You really think CIS has the resources to put every person who files an I-130 and lives here in proceedings????? I-130's are processed by the Service Centers who won't even put people in proceedings on AOS applications they have there unless it is something super extreme!!!!!! Don't worry about that.

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    Thanks for the info. I pretty much figured that it's unlikely, but I wanted to hear it from you.

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