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Thread: Allah fights back again in West Virgeniya

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    INSHALLAH these amerikans will be buried alive...i order everybody to pray for their demise...ALLAH HU AKBAR

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    INSHALLAH these amerikans will be buried alive...i order everybody to pray for their demise...ALLAH HU AKBAR

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    What a schmuck

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    From Yiddish שמאָק shmok, literally ***** (vulgar), from Old Polish smok (modern Polish: smok, dragon).


    (vulgar) the *****
    (vulgar) the foreskin
    (pejorative) an item or person that is considered useless
    (pejorative) a ****; an unpleasant or detestable person

    Schmuck m

    ornament, decoration
    something that is considered overly sentimental
    (pejorative) an item or person that is considered useless

    Of German origin, Schmuck means jewel or jewelry. The name is commonly seen on signs and bill boards in Germany and Austria related to the merchandising of precious jewelry. The Schmuck family name has been traced to the birth of Christian von Schmuck in 1370.

    Schmuck Coat of ArmsIn 1624 an Armorial Patent or Coat of Arms was granted at Rattenberg by Archdduke Leopold V of Austria. Over the years, all kinds of professions from educators and business leaders to war heroes and professional athletes have carried the name Schmuck from their birthright. As of 2004 more than 500 people bearing the Schmuck family name reside in United States and Canada.

    Recognizable figures bearing the surname Schmuck:

    Marcus Schmuck - Austrian Mountaineer who initiated, organized, and led the expedition to climb the worlds 12th highest peak, the Broad Peak (8,047 meters) in the Karakoram in Pakistan
    Roger Schmuck - College baseball coach and former Major League Baseball player with the Kansas City Royals who held the National Collegiate Athletic Association Baseball Consecutive Games Hitting Streaks record of 45 games.
    Peter Schmuck - National Sports Columnist, President of Baseball Writers Association of America and National Baseball Hall of Fame Voter.
    Donald Schmuck - Coast Guard Academy graduate, Marine Corps Brigadier General who served in all military conlficts from WWII to Persian Gulf War. Recipient of the Navy Cross who also completed a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics.
    Frank Schmuck - Air Force Academy graduate Persian Gulf War Veteran (Air Medal recipient), Airline pilot and youngest living Inductee of the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame

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    Its time that you learn to read so start

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