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Thread: How will u celebrate 9-11 anniversary?

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    The American people will reflect on the tragic events of September 11, 2001...and we will continue to demand that our borders be secured and that our immigration laws be enforced. Furthermore, we will take note of those who are on our side in the fight against terrorism...and we will take note of those who are opposed to us.

    Those who are against America should be aware that we are committed to winning the war against terror...and they should NOT take our internal discussions on the issue as a sign of potential weakness. In America, politics stop at the water's edge!!!

    Manali: I resent your choice of words and symbols. Hopefully, our Department of Homeland Security will prevent you from visiting our country in the future. If you're already here, then I hope that your ongoing period of stay is a short one...preferably ended by your deportation to whichever, "paradise" you call home.

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    someone should seriously call the (FBI) and report this b i t c h

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    This person has already been reported. Just a matter of time.

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    If she does live in the US, I'd love to see her open her mouth about the stuff she posts in public, but, like most people that make hateful remarks, she is hiding behind her computer.

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    yea we know she's hiding behind her computer,,but that wont stopp the goverment to go and grap her from her ears behind her computer,and hey manali,,do u wanna know how they will celebrate the 9/11?we will when we c u on (CNN) b i t c h

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    I cannot believe what I just read..please tell me that someone tracked down the IP etc and reported it to the webmaster

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    The OP should also be reported to Federal authorities. The OP's words seem to reveal a clear intent to sponsor and endorse terror activities, an aberration of conduct that cannot be condoned.

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