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Thread: VERY interesting article in today's Washington Post - Enjoy!

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    I just wrote a letter to the editor about this very article. For all the comparison of immigration today with the past, the article leaves out a key point: that requirements for earning a decent living in the US have changed since 1900, or even 1960. When my grandparents came, you could earn a decent living with a strong back and a willingness to work. Now, you need at least a high school diploma and more likely a college degree or vocational training just to get an entry level job. Would any of you seriously counsel your kid to drop out of high school? Yet, we're importing people who have dropped out of GRADE school in their homelands (or who have been forced out). Interestingly, one of the papers this morning also had an article on the rising incidence of Americans living in "near poverty", and noted midway through that the trend was particularly true of Hispanics. Three guesses why.

    America's 'Near Poor' Are Increasingly at Economic Risk, Experts Say

    "...In Orange County, about 220,000 people received food from 400 local charities last year, according to the Second Harvest Food Bank, which distributes donations. Recipients include many families, often Hispanic, with several children and both parents working minimum-wage jobs. Over all, half the families seeking food had at least one working adult, according to a recent study by the food bank.
    In the center of Orange County, a world away from its polished coastal towns, borderline poverty is common but seldom visible. On small streets behind strip malls and fast food restaurants, families, sometimes two of them, cram into small, aging bungalows. .."

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