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Thread: national benefits center MSC delays

  1. #1
    I have i-485 pendding at national benefit center from 07/2007- has anyone had experience- i have called and called- they keep saying the same alllow 120 days

  2. #2
    Hi fac89,

    Welcome. Have you tried to schedule an Infopass appointment?

  3. #3
    I just did that today online - for 03/06/2009

  4. #4
    Just tell them you voted for Obama and they will not only give you citizenship but also reward you $1MM.
    If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans

    Democrats - Brave enough to KILL our unborn, just NOT our ENEMIES!

  5. #5
    Please do not make this discussion board, a political ring.

    Eight years resuelts are the fact what USA is suffering for...?

  6. #6
    Originally posted by fac89:
    I just did that today online - for 03/06/2009
    Great, Fac89. Much luck to you and please come back and let us know what happened.

  7. #7
    I went to the USCIS office and basically it was a waste of our time- the lady at the window told us the same thing case is still penidng - oh great help - when asked for her supervisor- he is upstairs and i can not bother him- well- here we go again- allow 90-120 days we will ..... do nothing ....... if not heard from us waste your time drive here or call to be told the same thing - what a waste - anyway God is the answer lets keep our heads up and hope one day the USCIS will get it together - never give up-

    and for the attorney - ok just pay me another $1750 and i will file a writ- are you kidding never hire an attorney especially of you have a legitimate case - they are thieves and all they want is to drain your pocket -

  8. #8
    That is a long time. I would write your Congress critter or Senate critter and ask them to inquire on your behalf. That sometimes shakes things loose.

  9. #9
    ok- thanks for the advice we will try the congress man- & see what's up

  10. #10
    Originally posted by fac89:
    ok- thanks for the advice we will try the congress man- & see what's up
    So here is what I would say if someone tells me allow 90-120 days if it was just 1 day over.....
    ...but it is over 120 days. Do you want me to allow for another 120 days?

    I don't understand this. I was sitting here waiting for papers to go through the line. I was counting the days, and as soon as the timeline past I was on the phone demanding action, and I got action!!!
    “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire

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