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Thread: I'm well over 21 years old. Does "DREAM Act" benefits me ?

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    After reading the following article, I am still not clear whether it will benefit me. What do you guys say ?


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    After reading the following article, I am still not clear whether it will benefit me. What do you guys say ?


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    I'm afraid it will not benefit you as it clearly states that you cannot have attained 21 years of age at the time of application.

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    Sorry guest but I think u've committed the greatest crime in the world - TURNING 21. When I begin to think about it, is there really a age which we can pinpoint as the age of maturity. I think its different for different people, a 14 year old girl can be very mature while a 40 year old man can still be a baby at that age. Rather than what most people think, I think experience plays a more prominent role in maturity rather than age and instead of finding justifications for undue punishements renedered on a person just because we think the person is old enough to bare it, we need to start looking at providing protection for all those who are in need of it rather than just looking at the person's age. It would have been a good thing if the dream act can provide protection for all people who were brought here as children regardless of the age they attained here. Mind you. these people also suffered going through so many hardships because of another person's action and I see no reason why we should fail to offer protection for them also. Age is only a natural thing that occurs with time, only God knows how old the earth is today and yet its ever green producing fresh and beautiful things. Thats is to tell everyone that age is nothing but a number or what we make of it and we shouldn't see any justification for continuing to punish anyone just because they turn 21 even though they're otherwise eligible for a benefit. We have to care for all those in need regardless of their age.

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