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Thread: Abuse of Foreign Wife

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    1. Do not have a home phone where she can dial 9-1-1 and accuse you of Domestic Violence (DV is their codeword)

    2. Delay processing her green card for as long as possible

    3. If physical violence is necessary, use care not to leave any marks or scars

    4. Do not allow her access to a camera, especially digital ones where she can "prove" any physical harm

    5. Do not allow her access to any bank records or financial records and make her direct deposit her pay check into your account in your name only; not only does this protect her from robbing you but also from "proving" a bonafide marriage

    6. Do not appear in any photos with her or keep it minimal; make sure you keep photos of her in compromising positions with other women

    7. If she has a young daughter, be careful about leaving any incriminating stains; avoid physical contact with girls between 12-16 since they are volatile

    8. Keep a safe deposit box in a bank and keep the only key to store her dosuments and passport, your financial documents, the incriminating photos of her

    9. Use spyware to track her emails

    10. Use a prenupital agreement with a copy in her language signed by her attorney to protect your assets

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    I cant even believe that a nice guy like Aguila even bothers replying to this doofus!

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    I am the nicest person in the world by giving useful advice for Victims of VAWA (VOVAWA). VAWA is Violence against Womens Act.

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    Victims of Violence Against Women's Act
    is the fastest growing organization in history and is a support group for men who are falsely accused of violence against women. These women deserve it by the way.

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