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Thread: spousal petition review

  1. #1
    Does anybody khow how long it takes to uscis califournia to review a petition sent back from
    us consulate?

    our case is pending since dec 12 2007

    any clue?

  2. #2
    Does anybody khow how long it takes to uscis califournia to review a petition sent back from
    us consulate?

    our case is pending since dec 12 2007

    any clue?

  3. #3
    Processing times vary, Wecan. Have you contacted anyone relative to your case? If you give more details, maybe some here could give some guidance.

  4. #4
    it's i-130 petition for wy wife who attended her interview at the us consulate but no visa was issued, her file was sent back to NVC and then to USCIS for review
    its' now 13 months ago

  5. #5
    wecan, this is not a good situation to be in... common rule is fight, fight and fight so the petition is NOT send back from a consular post. By sending it back, consulate basiclly says: I-130 should have not been approved in the first place.

    Do you know why your petition was sent back?

    Have you contacted DOS? USCIS ombudsman?

    Here is some good info

  6. #6
    Sounds strange. If embassy thought was fraud, they should deny it. I have heard that they are sometimes sending back to USCIS for fraud investigations, but are not supposed to. They are required to make a decision, yes or no. Contact USCIS and ask.

  7. #7
    the consular officer ( a very khown "mean lady") asked for evidences, which my wife did profide.finaly she told my wife " sorry i cant give you a visa now , your case will be sent back for review" she didnt even give a piece of paper to my wife which is already a big the way, the consular officer asked my wife if she can have few minutes interview in english,because my wife chose to be inteviewed in french.i have the impression that the consulate officer has used lunguage to deny visa, otherwise, she would not ask for that.anyway,there is a lot to say concerning mistreatements and "bureaucracy"
    there is no law in this country that can prohi
    bite a us citizen to bring his wife to live in this country.time has come to fix this broken system and we all have to "fight" hard to reinstall this system in the right rail

  8. #8
    the "mean" consular lady should have tested your English speaking and writing ability....did you even graduate from high school?
    Here's a news one has the RIGHT to bring anyone to the US without that person having to meet the current qualifying standards...period...jsut because she somehow found you resting outside your trailer one day and you decided to get married, does not bestow any rights nor status upon her...period.
    And how can you possible 'know' what a mistake might be that a consular official might make? Have you ever done that type of work? (no) Do you know ALL the rules and regulations? (no)...the consular officer can only approve I-130s, they cannot reject them outright. If they believe that the I-130 cannot be approved, they must send it back to USCIS for review, describing in detail whatever defects came to light. Then, USCIS will send you and your 'wife' a letter that outlines the items you must provide. If you can do this, and those items are deemed satisfactory (not fraudulent) then they would likely reapprove the I-130 and send it back to the embassy. The decision to send it back or not rests solely with the consular official, not some dim wit who lives in a trailer.

  9. #9
    anyways Thanks someone12 for your "HELP"
    I wish your flashes will be adopted by the congress soon, however, i'm not "dime wit who lives in a trailer", nor a high school drop off

    with the respect to all human being "who lives in trailers"

  10. #10
    Your reply says it all.....I don't suppose you could show us your Mensa membership card?

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