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Thread: For the children

  1. #1
    Today, moslems murdered over 200 innocent children in Russia in their sick campaign of hate. Let us pray that Russia and America will join the rest of the world in destroying and killing every last one of this disgusting and despicable waste of life and send all moslems to heII.

  2. #2
    Including their children, Michael???

  3. #3
    yes, they are all savages

  4. #4
    I am appalled. Any person on the planet that advocates child murder needs to be castrated so that they never ever have the ability to have a child.
    The horrors of todays events should have left every single one of us horrified. We should ALL feel the pain for those victims.
    To use the pain, suffering and loss of those lifes as a springboard to spout your own evil thoughts is downright disgraceful. The very fact that the thought exists is a sure sign of a troubled mind.
    God Bless All The Children and Give them a way to live a life that is free from fear and persecution.

  5. #5
    Moslems are not human; their children are not human; kill them all

  6. #6
    As I said.
    The ideas of a disturbed mind ...

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  8. #8
    The only reason why terrorism has involved all of us, because there people like Michael are present on both sides, among us as well as among muslims. How different, Michael, are you from those *******s who took russian children's lives? Do you think they(terrorists) had different mentality?

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