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Thread: Japan pledges $500 million

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    S hame on america.. .. another japanese victory over the most di sgusted nation in the universe...

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    S hame on america.. .. another japanese victory over the most di sgusted nation in the universe...

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    We all know it will be an ongoing effort for a very long time. This isn't a one time pledge and then that's the end of it. Unfortunately for everyone, but especially for Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, etc., there is going to be a need for assistance for a very long time.

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    The world must be laughing at America. People in places like Indonesia cheered and laughed at people jumping from the World Trade Center on 9/11. When they are hit with a Tsunami and America provides $350 million dollars, they call us stingy. No Moslem nation offers any aid whatsoever, and weasel countries like France and Germany offer practically nothing. So we offer more money which will undoubtedly not go to help a single victim but instead to make some UN insider rich. I call upon our government not to provide any aid whatsoever and ask that no one give any money to any of the charity scams. This is not charity, it is stupidity

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