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Thread: visiting UK for birth of child

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    I don't know how much information there is out there about this subject, but I've been looking at legal websites and immigration websites and none of them partain to my question:

    the situation:

    my boyfriend is British, and I'm American. I am pregnant and I want to have the baby in the UK. now, we've been wondering if I have the baby in the UK (entering on tourist visit), and my bf and I plan on marrying eventually, will I have to return to the US regardless? Or am I allowed to stay in the country and then apply for a marriage visa?

    I'm just confused on what to do? anyone got any good advice?

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    You should be able to apply from London. Go to:

    Spouses and children of U.S. citizens qualify to immigration under the immediate relative category.

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    My only reservation with that is how they'll satisfy the sponsor's requirement. Is your employer willing to hold the job for the months you'll be away? Or do you have another co-sponsor lining up?

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    I am fully employeed with a travel consultant company in the states. I haven't been with them very long but have put in a request to transfer over to one of the offices in England. So I don't know if that would help or hinder my situation.

    in all curiosity... if I didn't have a job that was willing to transfer me and my sponsor didn't have the correct qualifications for a fiancee's visa, (ie. being on benefit) would just giving birth to a child in the UK (fathered by a UK LPR) allow me to stay and then for us to apply for Marriage visa (cause we are not wed)? Technically there is no way for him to support me on a fiance's visa!

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    I think the other answers were answering as if you were British. To find out whether you can stay in the UK, you would need to find out about UK law. Try finding a British embassy in the US and they may be able to direct you.

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    Hi Morgan!

    It really is not that complicated. Don't panic.

    1. If you are being transferred to England by your company - they take care of the transfer. Thousands of people (Americans) are working all over the world for various companies and the military. Your company will take care of tax treaties, work visas - all of it. ( I know - been there done that - my dad was oil and we moved 42 times before I was 15 - he worked all over the world.The company even took care of the housing and servants in all the countries we were in.) I have also worked in England, Vienna, Australia, and Canada. And I am alive and well here in the US.

    2. You will be able to get married and bring your husband back.

    3. Your child will be an American citizen.

    Cruise the website I posted earlier and you WILL get answers. Some people like to ask things that are really none of their business and they have not been through it.

    You need to also contact the British Embassy

    British Embassy, Att Civil Air Attaché, UK Mission to FAA, 3100 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC, 200008
    Tel: 202 4637529/30
    Fax: 202 2239368

    British Embassy in the US:

    Hope this helps. It will be okay - just don't get waylaid by curious georges who have no answers and fear the worst for nothing.

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    if your child is born with teeth, US law wont allow the child back into the US.

    You need to check whether the baby has teeth on ultrasound before you leave the US.

    By the way, how did you get pregnant?

  8. #8
    It is my understanding that Morgan is asking how to legaly stay in the UK for a period of time.

    Morgan, people on this forum are mostly dealing with US immigration.

    Check out you may find someone who knows the rules for residing in the UK. You can, as suggested, check out your options with the UK embassy.

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