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Thread: Late Divorce and I-751

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    She will definitely have an interview. Send BCIS a letter with all the facts and information in a CALM and INTELLIGENT manner. Use her A number if you have it. Sue for damages.

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    So she has filed an I751 alone, and has a divorce decree in hand. Chances are she will be interviewed. The onus is now upon her to prove her claim that the marriage was bona fide. You mentioned a child, is the child of this marrriage?

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    What difference does it make in your life if she gets approved or not? Man you are divorced from her now, move on!

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    Aguila you are right. People like this really tick me off. I think its about settling scores which does not make any sense to me.

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    What scores are you people settling when you defraud an innocent American ?

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    Way to go Titus !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It is ok to come here to vent about what happened to you. This is unfortunate. But peddle this story elsewhere b/c it is a jar of jelly.

    You said the child is not yours. a Paternity test would have divulged such. Proving everything you needed to win your case of divorce. No matter if judge died blah blah. This is crock about her lawyer sneaking down and getting lady judge to do the bidding. You obviously did not have a case.

    Then you said CIS was going to put her into removal proceedings if she did not get the divorce for her waiver. Her lawyer threatened to have her not sign the divorce unless you withdrew the accusations?????? Do u take us for idiots here... She absoulutely would have gone into removal proceedings had you not signed the divorce papers. Why would you do that, and why would your lawyer let you do that?
    YOu know why... b/c you have no proof, just speculation and conjecture.

    Shes going to get the card. just forget and move on. Yep and u will be still on the hook for her affidavit of support too.

    Peddle this story elswhere or come back with the real facts.

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    Aguila - It is the Affidaviat of Support the ex-spouses need to worry about. I agree with the 'Get on with your life - you are divorced bit' but I have to admit that if the tables were turned - I would be concerned about having to pay to support someone like that.

    The real issue is this dam (spelling altered) I-751 process!!!! BTW - Anything new yet? I am still checking my mailbox - to no avail... I am barely hanging in there man...

    Now my son is talking about signing up for military service when he gets old enough (2 more yrs) - I wonder why this country doesn't seem to want people to be here who display a higher level of patriotisim than your avereage USC...

    Makes no sense to me... Oh well - it is another week. Later...


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