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Thread: Speak NOW for Next Week Immigration Bill or Hold You Peace

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    It is very likely Immigration Bill will be introduced both in Senate and House next week.

    We need to raise our voice in favour of this reform. We have all of those folks in the Senate/House to make this happen all we need is the this last minute push. So call your Senator and Ccongressman and show your support for this bill.

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    It is very likely Immigration Bill will be introduced both in Senate and House next week.

    We need to raise our voice in favour of this reform. We have all of those folks in the Senate/House to make this happen all we need is the this last minute push. So call your Senator and Ccongressman and show your support for this bill.

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    I have written my congressman and said..."do NOT support any bill that rewards irresponsible dirtbags,,,,"

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    So, Aliba, what are we voting on? Amnesty for all the illegal, border crossing, visa over-stay, scam marriage cheats? I think not. Why not post the highlights (from a reputable source) in this forum and let us decide if it's worthy?

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    When will this new bill be introduced?

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    It is being introduced next week. for information visit It will be very beneficial for folks who are under bar and/or current residing in US illegle.

    Call your Senator and Congressman in support for Pro Immigrant reform and for a family that truely reflects the family unity.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">BILL GATES' SENATE TESTIMONY
    "America should be doing all it can to attract the world's best and brightest. Instead, we are shutting them out and discouraging those already here from staying and contributing to our economic prosperity." Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, United States Senate, March 7, 2007. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Mr. Gates, watch your tongue, you can get deported!

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    Thanks ProudUSC for deciding not to resort to name-calling.

    Everybody's talking about the "The Bill" that's bound to come out next week. I guess it would be related to S.9, we'll have to wait and see.

    In any case, I'm afraid the bill will concentrate too much on legalizations and not on true reform. The title of most bills contains the phrase "immigration reform" in one way or another, but legalization is not reform, but merely a clean up measure. Reform means change, alteration, modernization, rationalization, but not legalization.

    That being said, it's clear to me and many others that INA is in dire need of reform. You can measure that need by the actions of two of the circuits with very high immigrant populations, the 9th circuit and the 5th circuit.

    The Ninth has effectively modified INA within its jurisdiction, "trying to make sense" out of contradictory provisions, constructing statutes narrowly, and rendering unconstitutional some measures that directly attack human rights. The Ninth Circuit refuses to destroy the FFOA in light of some BIA opinions, the Ninth Circuit has tried to provide a little protection to the interests of USC in mixed families.

    INA has to stop being a black box with unexpected results and must become a trustworthy and effective tool. INA must protect families, the interest of U.S. citizens and the interests of U.S. companies in need of specialized labor. INA must eradicate the vacuum that actually exists providing realistic and comprehensive mechanisms for those who want to come to the U.S. to do so legally. INA must stop the unfair treatment of people who are presumed guilty until proven otherwise in direct contradiction to the Constitutionally established principle of "innocent until proven guilty". Discretionary abuse, arcane procedures and ineffective mechanisms must become a thing of the past, and illegal immigration must come to an end once and for all.

    The good name of the U.S, must be restored by effective reform that actually protects the nation through consistent, efficient, humane and just measures. Legalizations are one thing, they may or may not be required. I understand and agree with the concept of "starting with a clean slate" but legalizations may NOT be the sole purpose of this "reform". INA must be first rationalized, then, and only then, a legalization program would be in order. If true reform fails to pass and a legalization program is implemented, we'll be seeing the very same levels of illegal immigration ten years from now.

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    March 18, 2007
    Questions & Answers unrelated to immigration are excluded here.)

    Republican U.S. Sen Mel Martinez knows that with his second job as chairman of the Republican National Committee he has new stature in the party, Congress and the nation.
    During a wide-ranging discussion recently, this junior senator conceded it's difficult to turn down a position when the president calls.
    He trusts his new influence will benefit the state. During a 90-minute visit, Martinez also discussed his legislative priorities, which include health care and immigration reform.

    Q: What are your other priorities?
    A: I'm working on immigration, and I'm deep in the middle of that. We're working really hard to try to come up with a consensus of Republicans so we don't run into what we did the last time. Sen. (Ted) Kennedy has been working on his version of the bill.
    My hope is the Democratic leadership, which controls the agenda, will bring it up soon. If we don't get an immigration bill between now and when we break in August, we won't have one in this Congress. We have a precious few months to get it done.

    Q: How do you accomplish that?
    A: Sit around a table like this wiht the people that matter and negotiate it out. We were very close before. There were a lot of flaws in the Senate bill. A lot of people beat up the Senate bill. It became more politically expedient to beat up the Senate bill than to get a solution. We were not that far apart on the key issues.
    The elements obviously are border security and a guest worker program of some type, which is driven by an employer verification system where you can have an employee ID card, and employers can have the assurance that if they swipe it through that they have a person who is legally entitled to work. Those two elements go hand in hand.
    I don't believe those guest workers should be here forever and become a permanent underclass of people who will not be given the same rights as everyone else. If they're going to be here long-term, some of them would have a vehicle to move into a more permanent status.

    Q: Isn't that amnesty?
    A: It's a question of how you define amnesty. Unfortunately, we allowed those who would call amnesty anything other than deportation to define amnesty. I thik that any crime has a range of penalties and among the penalties is restitution. For instance, if you stole $100, you give back $100 or you can spend 30 days in jail. This is what we're talking about.
    We have so many penalties on these people trying not to make it amnesty and it steill gets called amnesty. I'm going to be a little lighter on the sentences and say call it what you will, we've got 12 million people, we've got a broken-down system, and we've got to try to find a way to come to some sensible outcome.

    Q: What will be the major differences betewen your bill and what we saw last year?
    A: I'm concerned that Kennedy may go into a lot of labor rights and things like that. The things that people really objected to in the Kennedy bill were that if you were an immigrant and you contested anything, you won. Well that's not right.
    Everybody kind of has a consensus on border scruity. Nobody truly believes that we need 700 miles of fence or that it would be wise to spend that much money on it. But we voted for it, and now the question is do we implement [it]?

    Q: Do you see us increasing the number of work visas?
    A: The number of guest workers needs to be large enough, and here will be a big point of debate between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats are going to try to keep the number of guest workers down.

    Q: Why would they do that?
    A: Because of the labor unions. On the other hand, you've got to also recognize our entry into the country needs to be broader and larger. We need more visas, more guest workers, such as the H2B visa program, where these are highly skilled people, typically. We need these visas.
    We need the student visas to be enhanced. Because our young people are too reluctant to get into math and science, we rely on people from abroad. But when people can send their X-rays to be read in Bangalore, India, those people don't have to come here. So we need to be visitor friendly. We need to be student visitor friendly. We need to be a country that's welcoming.
    Something else is the fence. The impact of that fence on the psyche of Latin America toward the United States is terribly negative. We've got to be thinking of the message we're sending to the world.

    Q: You've talked about bringing people together. Is it happening?
    A: Diane Feinstein has really been after me to work with her on a bill dealing with climate change, and I'm very intrigued by what we're talking about. That would be stepping out there for a republican, but it would also be good working with her on a significant issue. There's been no drop off in the interest of Democrats to work with me on immigration. So I hope I'll do it right.

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    Bipartisan legislation unveilede today in the House of Representatives would offer temporary legal status to milions of undocumented immigrants but would require them to leave the country before they could be eligible for permanent residency and U.D. citizenship.

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