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    Join Date
    Oct 2003
    East Hampton [Long Island], New York [USA]
    Swissnut posted August 28, 2004 01:27 AM under the thread 'For Swissnut'

    "I have been attacked by both for the past 5 months. Sammy and Jo."

    I attacked you?????? Do you even know what is called "attack"? Or you don't understand the meaning of "clarrification"? Furthermore, do you want me to do c & p to prove who has attacked to whom? Matter of fact, did I ever attack anyone? If I had given clarification to you against the allegations that you had made against me, then it is seemed obvious to you that it was an attack to you. Having practiced matrimonial laws also, I went many time in Courts wherein Parties have accused each other for making "threats". But these people did not realized what was the difference between a "threat" and notifying something or making general conversation. It's like people cannot sue INS by saying that INS made a "threat" to illegals if INS has said that illegal people would be detained. Similiarly, people cannot say to be threatened by govt if govt has said that they will take action if somebody will do this or that. I mean- there is a difference between making a "threat" and a normal converstaion. Some people post negative stuffs ALL THE TIMES first, but then claim to be attacked if someone answers in his defense. How strange it is, isn't it?

    If someone would defend Josephine Schmo against Swiss, then it must be SAMMY just because I defended Josephine Schmo previously, regardless of whatever ID has been used by such person, right? Just for the record, I don't need to use another ID to defend anyone. And how can I even make a point in defending anyone if I would be using another ID?

    Swissnut posted August 28, 2004 06:51 PM

    "Well, I don't know why Sammy left. I didn't send him from this forum, he did it voluntarily.

    Maybe it is because after that barrage of posts under Swissnut-"t", I sent the thread to the authorities before it was edited, and they checked out the ID of the OP, through the IP address."

    Has anyone asked you why did I leave? If not, then isn't it this proves that you are taking the advantage to say what you like to say in the back of me even if nobody has asked/cared why I left? If I really had to leave because of any barrage as you mentioned being in other thread in the past, then I believe I would have left this board a long time ago when those things were said over there, than leaving only now.

    I don't understand why do you care as to why did I leave this board? And why should you be? As you know already that many people have gone/disappeared over the times from this board. Have you ever questioned or cared about them while they leave this board? If not, then why is there so much attention to ME from you? Has anyone ever asked you to explain why I left this board? If not, then what are the ulterior intentions behind all this in telling why I left? And whatever your point will be, does it really matter to anyone on this board NOW when I've already decided to go away from this board? And, don't forget that I never claimed to be a saint? I REALLY don't know what you want to establish here against ME. Well, I think you don't need to do anything, because I am going to make your job very easy. Yes-I am phony. Yes-I have no character. Yes-I'm behind ALL the IDs over this board. Yes-I'm a very BAD person ("I'm bad...I'm know it I'm bad"-Michael Jackson). Yes-I'm a user and abuser. Yes-you are gem. Are you happy now? Is this what you wanted to hear out from me? So, you got it now. Now what? Does it make any difference now? Isn't it I was a bad person in the mind and heart of you before, and I am still a bad person in your mind after telling you all this? Does it change anything? I think you should be caring about people who are around you and the people over this board than about me, especially when I am no more anyone's friend and will not visit this board EVER.

    I did not leave this board because of the reasoning that you have mentioned. I left because I felt that I have other important things to do in my life than dealing with some lunatic people over this board. Besides it seemed to ME that some people were more interested in finding whether or not my statements were irrelevant and hypocritical than focusing on helping someone, wherein I found myself very hard to stick around to this board in helping people, otherwise I love to help people, whatever ways I could, being so passionate about immigration. I could have been still around if some people would not have found anything to pick a catfight over my each posting. I personally don't think that this board will ever be in peace so long you will not stop involving yourself in hypocritical and other irrelavant statements of others.

    I also said very clearly over there in another thread that even a toddler could figure it out who is Swissnutt. As well, I also said that I am giving hints myselfy about who is Swissnutt, and I also explained there why did I use that ID. I never denied using that ID in case if you have missed this fact. I just didn't want to say those things to you at that time in my own this ID because I personally felt that it won't be appropiate when I've been using my ID in helping you all the way all along.

    You having talked about matching my IP address to those other IDs is very ludicrous to me. Why? It could not be possible since I used computers from public places in posting under those IDs since I was somewhere else during that time. If someone (even ILW site or law enforcement agencies) says something else then I would really want them to prove their case in the court of law. Besides I never heard/knew that authorities would ever share information about prosecutorial evidences against defendant with victim/plaintiff. By the way, ILW doesn't fall in authorities when we say authorities. So, you talking about being told by authority about matching my IP address is ludicrous to ME evn if you were said so by ILW. No need to explain anything on it or twist the matter. Tired of twister already. Just for the record, I am not scared of anything in case if you have missed my such statement before that I made many times previously. Because I did not do anything criminally. Besides, I won't be given death penalty if prosecutors were able to prove the case against me. So obviously, I will be back in this world again one day.

    To be honest, I've met million of people in my life, but never met anyone who has that much incapacity of understanding and comprehending things as you are. Even insane people could read & comprehend correctly. There was no any threat directed to ANYONE in any of the post addressed by Swissnutt. People can think/believe/interpretate things as they wish, along with their buddies and prosecutors, but Criminal judge/grand jury will decide the matter anyhow in the end. And if Jury would make a finding in prosecutor's favor, then I would go to jail. So what? No big deal in going to jail to ME though. When Martha can manage herself in jail, then I am nothing compared to her.

    Furthermore, whether or not someone has saved or has forwarded that thread to authorities, I don't give the d amn about that. There was nothing anything about being criminality, otherwise authorities would have already taken action against ME by now. Beside, don't forget that I know how to defend myself well. Been there, done that. Bragging all the times about saving that thread without editing it, tells me as if you are trying to tell me something indirectly that you have something against me. I really don't care what people have in their possession against me, because I do and will do things what I'll choose to do regardless of its consequences, which I think right and legal, and will do without any fear. Period.

    It's also seemed that you have tendency of talking things in the back of ME, like you have talked things while I left last time in the end of February of this year. Now, you have talked again when I've left. What is youe REAL motive in talking things out when I've already gone, especially when you knew that I won't be able to answer? Is this the way for you to get public opinion to clear your image so that people will have to believe in them? Isn't it this way you are trying to incriminate something for prosecution evidence in case if this matter ever goes to court? If you like to talk things out, then you should have talked when a person is around being current than when he is not around. Do you want to win "default judgment" without giving the chance to other party to answer the allegations? I mean- any issue that you might have, should have been talked when I was around on this board actively, and not in the back of me when I've gone, otherwise it is called- a coward act, but unfortunately "some" people are well known to have acted cowardly many times in the past. But then on the other hand, they feel pride in justifying their actions by giving all sorts of cre-epy explainations and twisted excuses. Isn't this also prove who starts what? Because of this kind of repeated actions, some people never get rid of their rage and anger against other people, which sometime make them to do either suicide or something else to others.

    People are also seemed to have forgotten what I've said before that I am not a saint, nor I am a perfect person either. That said, I may have been short in my character, one way or another (if somebody wants to think/say so), and I won't deny it, but overall I have shown good, positive, stable character, and a helping nature than others people who are most concerned on bringing the past and fighting/arguments with others. Even if they have helped someone before or if they still helping others once in a blue moon, yet still they are more involved in arguments/fights and other negative things than focusing on helping to others. That said, it's obvious what is the REAL motive of these people for being on this board.

    About accusing me to be behind all other IDs, then I think some people do have comprehension problem if they cannot comprehend what I said before at the time of leaving this site. I said it very clearly that I will never visit this site in any form (IDs) after saying Goodbye to this site. That said, if somoe people still believes that I am posting in another ID, or if they like to cast doubts in other people's mind in accusing me for using different ID everytime anyone shows up over this board, then they can go ahead and keep continue their games as usaul. It is obvious that some people have nothing to do on this site than finding who is who, and it's also obvious that it's more important to them Who is Who than focusing in helping/sharing immigration matter. I'm a real deal. What I say, I mean it. I'm not into mind and silly games like others. These people always like to cast doubt in other people's mind by ***** tales or empty words. Anyway, I'm glad that I am outta here.

    Time and time, again and again, it has been proven without a doubt that Swiss has nothing to do than just connecting me with someone else. That is. Now this time, she is trying to cast a doubt again (since she has done this many times) in other people's mind that it may be ME under all these IDs like Molly7577, NINA777, and Lola777 because the postings under these IDs are seemed to be vanishing. Can any person on this board prove that I've EVER deleted any of my posting in its entirety before? I have never deleted my posting ever, instead I did only editing, and I still do editing all the time, but not deleting. I've never deleted the whole posting ever like Swiss have done and still do all the time. That said, how on this earth then Swiss has the nerve to tell me that I maybe behind all these vanishment when she is the one well-known for vanishing her posting in its entirety? Is she in insane? If somebody defends Josephine Schmo against Swiss, then it must be ME to her. If someone speaks Spanish and Italian, then it must be ME to her. If someone deletes his posts completely then it must be ME to her. If someone writes like me then it must be ME to her. If someone quotes some phrase of her then it must be ME to her. I think she should be working for law enforcement than wasting her time over this board. Those folks would be glad to have her worked for them with her such an "exceptional" quality.

    I don't need to know whom I should let alone as Swiss has preached here. Again, it's seemed she has comprehension problem since she could not read/understand what I said in my previous postings before. Let me remind again. I said-keep your morals, characters and values to yourself and let me live with mine. That said, whom you will be friend with, or what kind of characters you are looking for in a friends and etc. etc. DOESN'T APPLY TO OTHERS. You have your criteria, others have theirs. So, no need to tell what characters you are looking for, especially when I did not file any application for becoming your friend yet. And who cares what do you think about saying sorry excuse for a person? Nobody has asked your "opinion" in other people's cases. No wonder why you like to "jump in" in everybody's shoes. What I said to others is not your business. Rather than worrying about my "grunt" work, you should pay more attention to people who are not getting as much help as they should be getting, because of your accusations to others and your involvement in irrelevant matters, if this includes somewhere in your motive of being on this site.

    Don't even try to twist things as you always do. I never said that I reserve my ID for noble tasks, otherwise I won't be writing this. Like I've been saying all along that you do have comprehension problem, otherwise you could read my posting wherein I said very clearly that I did not feel comfortable writing to you BEFORE in my own ID because I had been helping you all along at that time under this ID. But I never said that I won't use this ID to crush anyone NOW if they will falsely accuse me, no matter how far it would go. Did I claim that I AM a friend to Josephine Schmo as what Swiss said? Can't you read a simple wording? I clearly said to Josephine Schmo that I don't want to be her friend anymore. That said, I am NOT her friend anymore, nor I have any interest to be her friend. I am happy that she found a great friend. Learn to read what it said than twisting matters as you always do.

    I am glad that I chose to sink in the history of this site since I've no intention to deal with "fine" people like you.

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    Jo is back in full swing, making up for the lost time.

    I hope you did not believe her when she said she was going. I doubt Josephine can live without ILW.

    I want her here though, she gives us something to talk about, good or bad.

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    Hi everybody ,

    One day off and I see dramas over here... I know u all have personal issues and u all are very angry that u will crush anyone who comes on ur way including me... but I want to tell something... I am not going into ur personal issues at all so plz don't misunderstand me.... But this is not a fair thing at all... I m not talking about other things / personal issues keep me out of that... and I don't want to debate either on this furthermore from tomorrow... but as I read this one...I want to say something...

    I don't think that is SAMMY in that thread at cant be... that's a old thread from 2002 and I guess there was no registration so anyone can get any name...just like when irritated2 attacked and there were doing some changes with board...people could get any ID they want... didn't we see 2 pasha ...exact id...2 jo...2 swiss.... on that night when irritated2 was changing ids quickly ... same thing back in 2002 I guess... other thing there is no match of writing style of that sammy (2002) and SAMMY... SAMMY's replies are very long and the other guy just wrote questions in short... and I wonder why would sammy(2002) ask certain questions if he was the SAMMY...SAMMY has given detailed answers on lots of questions including the ones sammy(2002) asked... so I don't think he is the same guy... that's the big mistake here if u r thinking ... look at the grammar of sammy (2002) ..lots of mistakes... there is no way SAMMY can improve the whole style of writing, grammar and gain this much detailed knowledge in almost every field of immigration in just one year...there is no way.... So I don't believe that sammy(2002) is SAMMY... no comments on other personal issues...

    U r all my friends and I don't want to argue at all... as I read this thread I thought I must write this what I feel... I am not offending anyone here once again...ur all same to me... Have a great day everyone...Pasha

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    Don't try to involve me in any argument you have with Jo. I have steered clear of you since February - for obvious reasons. It is no secret that Jo and I have not seen eye to eye at all in recent months. For the most part, the acrimony was due to the fact that I see you in a completely different light, and have stated it openly and under my sole swissnut ID.

    You have been helpful on this board, and many acknowledge that. But being helpful and then exepecting people to excuse the outrageous activities you engage in, just because you have been helpful, is absurd.

    Frankly, any "friend" as you claim you have been to Jo, who could post such insulting and personal information about her, as you have above, is a sorry excuse for a person, let alone a friend, in my opinion. Regardless of what issues I have with Jo, I see the hypocrite you are. You show no gratitude for her support of you, in fact you attempt now to discredit her. That is despicable in my book. Not that my opinion matters at all.

    Let's just say that this is another area where you and I are diametrically opposed. I reserve the term "friend" for a very select few (they know who they are). People, who I have stayed close to for a long time, and for whom I have been supportive, who are consistent, reasonable, kind and have other very particular positive character traits.

    My issue with you, clearly stated above, was to do with your "swissnut-t" posts on the DBA thread in April.

    However, now I find it rather odd that all the voluminous posts from Molly777 and Nina777 insulting others, but principally me, are gone. Vanished, just like that. Perhaps, as you say, you reserve your revered SAMMY ID for noble tasks (although today's display hardly qualifies), and the colourful characters are introduced to do your "grunt" work and try to discredit others. I guess they are gone because they accomplished your task.

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    Good morning dear Jo ,

    U don't need to say sorry as I already told u that I don't feel bad at all whatever u say...I was just wondering abt ur comment but nothing else .... So please never mind...Lol...u know..i was/am not lying but sponge bob is really my favorite cartoon no matter what Micahel / Depo Man has/have to say abt it .... I don't miss episodes when I have time to watch it....abt mermaid man and barnacle boy, Sandy, Patrick star fish, Mr. Crab....crusty crab( all those patties) ...bikini bottom, Mrs. Puff's Boating School, Larry, Gary snail in race and of course Squidward . I do like this cartoon...another favorite one is Jimmy Neutron...

    By the way if u don't mind if I may ask u guys something...can u guys please solve the personal issues out of ILW Plz ? no offense to anyone at all ... u all have been a wonderful person (jo ) were a wonderful person with good heart...u always gave us something interesting and informative, Sammy helped a lot of people over here and was a great help in immigration related questions, Irritated was great to talk to and an intelligent human being, Swissnut gave an excellent opportunity to learn more abt I 751..without her we couldn't learn this much abt I 751 and still of course good no doubt abt it...

    Its not necessary to bring it all down here ... plz all don't take my reply in a wrong way... just let it calm down if its possible.... No need to dig old graves... whatever happened is already past...we cant do anything abt already happened... I do hope u guys don't take my reply in a wrong way and forget abt everything though its easy for me to say but hard for others to do...but I hope u guys will al least try to do so...I really wish there would be no debate on this one...plz have that courtesy and keep in mind that I m not offending anyone here at all....Have a great day to everyone...Pasha

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    I am braced for your typical "comeback" - so I suggest you reserve your comments. That said, I have figured you out - including your technique. You edit and re-edit the same post, so that it "appears" you have gone, but all the while you are getting your various answers and point across to everyone. Good try! But, one doesn't have to be a Crime Profiler to see a pattern develop.

    Speaking of patterns, why is it that anyone you do not respect, suddenly becomes l-e-s-b-i-a-n- or b-i-s-e-x-u-a-l or g-a-y? It was accusations like this, about someone I cared for, that prompted me to address a post directly to you in late January 2004. Yes, that's threw the first stone.

    Just for the record:
    1. I am COMPLETELY h-e-t-e-r-o-s-e-x-u-a-l
    2. I am not Jo's buddy, though I accept apologies and contrition from all people, unlike you. For the past 6 months, I had no contact with Jo, other than on this board, despite what you claim
    3. If one deletes a post it is because it is not longer germane. A facility available to all.
    4. If you post and run, (your typical technique)how on earth can anyone address you directly?
    4. As a former attorney, you should know that a "Default Judgment" does not occur when the party has no opportunity to "answer". Default is when the party "refuses" to answer.

    Judgment rendered: Defendant is in "Default": Court adjourned!

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    Feel the love anyone? Come on people it's a board, why make it personal?. No one wants to be at default anyway.

    Arguments on the internet is like the special olympics. Even if you win, you're still a retard

    P.S:Some people do have way too much time on their hands. How about doing a PHd thesis instead of who is who or who is always right.

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