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  1. #1
    your inputs, knowledge and wit are needed asap. Hope you show up soon

  2. #2
    your inputs, knowledge and wit are needed asap. Hope you show up soon

  3. #3
    Get a freakin life, you moron.

  4. #4

  5. #5
    The "'genius' 'king'" (translation: moronic icon) is scared to be spanked again.

  6. #6
    really? by who? you? what a joke. And I really enjoyed reading the hypocritical post from UnPatriotic&ProudOfIt USC,,,,she continually takes umbrage with the tone of some of my postings, stating (hypocritically) that I should be nice, show compassion, etc...but it seems it's ok for her to insult anyone.....hey Proud...any more illegals showin' up at yer enema bag cleaning company that you and your oh-so-patrioic hubby runs???? Yee haw....

  7. #7
    Did you say anything logical and rational yet to disprove the fact that you hate ALL immigrants? I haven't seen any. In case you said anything about it that I missed, kindly post again even if it's just for me. Because by that very simple act, I might (I said "I might") refrain from calling you a moron ever again.

  8. #8
    My post was specifically addressed to S12 and the 90lb, bald, w.anker was the first to get her feathers ruffled followed by the marxist chink. We can all see that you both are constantu ly watching what I write. I know I'm interesting, but this is ridiculous. Hi S12 my Marine sends his regards to you and Federale86, he loves your inputs and so do I. So, the chink RN went into the edema bag cleaning co. I wonder what happened to her relining of used tampons business.

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