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Thread: Lawyers

  1. #1
    Hey guys I am new on this .
    cab some one tell me how much cost to hier a lawyer to file mandamus
    thank you

  2. #2
    Hey guys I am new on this .
    cab some one tell me how much cost to hier a lawyer to file mandamus
    thank you

  3. #3
    What is your problem and what are trying to do?

  4. #4
    FBI name check for 3 years for N 400.

  5. #5
    Yes its rediculous

    have you tried your state representative office first? doesnt cost anything, and and uscis has to reply withing 30-90 days.

    May give them the nudge before going that route

  6. #6
    I did everything man but still they saying your case is panding Fbi name check i dont thing is other way to do this
    I ask this lawyer he is asking for 10000 dollars
    so i am asking how much is cost is 1000o dollars or lass or more
    thank you

  7. #7
    You said the lawyer asked for ten thosand (10000) dollars?

    What he gonna do regarding FBI background check?

  8. #8
    dont give him 10 grand...!!!! dont give lawyer anything. He cant make them go faster.

    try your senate office again if it has been another 120 days . Save your money my friend.

    Eventually you will pass the name check.

  9. #9
    bluebrightsky file for mandamus or whatever is thet i realy dont have no idea what is going on or what or wher or how .
    I just asking how much it cost to some one who did this mandamus or what a hell is this i dont know. I dont know to much about, this forum is very good and helping me a lot
    so thank you

  10. #10
    You can read about doing the Writ of Mandamus yourself :

    here is the link

    <span class="ev_code_BLUE"></span>

    Please let us know how you make out. and Good Luck. the writ of mandamus has tendency to tick off uscis just so you know.

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