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Thread: Lawyer present in an i-130 interview

  1. #1
    When I filed my I-130. My lawyer said she will assist us to the INS and will be present with us during the interview?

    Do you think it is a good idea? The INS wont take this against us would it?

    It wouldnt make our interview tougher would it?

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    When I filed my I-130. My lawyer said she will assist us to the INS and will be present with us during the interview?

    Do you think it is a good idea? The INS wont take this against us would it?

    It wouldnt make our interview tougher would it?

  3. #3
    There is no need for her to be there. I wonder if they will even let your lawyer in.

    anyone ever had a lawyer present?

  4. #4
    Actually, I believe it is quite standard for lawyers to accompany their clients to the interview. I've heard of many cases where the lawyer was able to help the client answer or understand questions. If so many lawyers automatically include accompanying you to the interview as part of your agreement, I assume that means that a lawyer's presence does not cause any flags to be raised.

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    For me it is a good idea to have one as the presence of a lawyer does not mean there is a problem.It could be of great help as sometimes there are INS employees that are discourteous if not rude.

  6. #6
    Well I am sure about the fact that lawyer can accompany to the interview, I actually filled a form which goes to the INS and which says that a lawyer can be present during my interview.

    The lawyer told me that she cannot interfere in my interview and that my wife and I have to answer everything but if the INS official asks something inapprorpriate or something not related to our marraige she can object.

    I am just wondering that INS officers will just make the interview hard as the lawyer is present during the interview!

  7. #7
    I found an attorney through AILA on the internet who is in a different state than myself and my husband. We did everything via the internet and overnight mail. He was great! He offered to go to the interview if we paid his expenses, but also said that we did not need him.He was right. we took a carload of stuff with us and never had to take anything out except our marriage cert. and the birth cert. of our daughter. I know they dont always go that smoothly, but we were fortunate I think. This was on Sept. 20, 2001. Right after the attacks.

  8. #8
    Well if the officer is nice he won't make it harder with the lawyer.

    I've seen lawyers in OKC who come with their clients and then dont go with the clients when the interview is taking place.

    I'm sure everything will go fine thebeta

  9. #9
    The INS will not hold having a lawyer with you against you at all. They are not usually part of the actual interview but are there to deal with any secondary issues that may arise. After all - their signature is on your applications as well. Most immigration lawyers have a pretty good relationship with the staff at the local INS offices and often know the exact steps to take when you arrive to get you to the front of a line or something like that...

    However, that being said - I am a strong advocate of per se filings. In other words - do it yourself. This obviously only holds true if you have a straight forward case and have do a LOT OF RESEARCH. Know what you are doing and what is requried...

    But having a lawyer with you will not hurt you (unless they are an idiot)...

    BTW - When doing research - be very careful... A lot of people who post comments or information imply that their 'opinions' are 'facts'. The INS website is the best source of factual information - the rest is moslty opinion based... Like my ramblings for instance!

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