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Thread: America's Truth

  1. #1
    Go see Farenheight 9-11 .. america's truth unveiled in couple of hours..

  2. #2
    Go see Farenheight 9-11 .. america's truth unveiled in couple of hours..

  3. #3
    Itduzz's truth is keep his head in the sand and believe everything is a jewish conspiracy. Now that you have invaded the USA, why don't you try to take the muslim blinders off and start thinking for yourself ....

  4. #4
    yeah Itdz, finally with Michael Moore we have someone putting the facts into a easier and faster way to understand since the information is outta there but who has the time to read all those books while working their butts off minimum wage for the tax $$$ neeeded to finance cheney's halliburton & co.

    Julie, can you show me any muslim INVADERS to America who have built prisons and put yours alikes in it, violated you with glow sticks and did other nasty tortures?

    We have 50,ooo prisoners around the world, imagine that! we go in other countries and imprison other nations people and to topp it all off, we violate these people like some pathetic 80's south American dictatorship.. .so much for jewish conspiracy!

    we know you guys are evil people, all we're asking is use your own resources like them two idiots that got caught in Afganistan, don't use my tax $$$ to live out your perversions raping children in Iraqi prisons!

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  6. #6
    Why Jewish consiracy here? I didn't see anything in Itduzz's comment about that, neither in Fahrenheit 911.

    Fahrenheit 911 shows the other side of the coin, it shows things that you don't see on Fox News, neither Muslims nor Jews has something to do with it, it's between George Bush and Bin Laden.

  7. #7
    yeah its sharon, osama bin bush, cheney and kan't (get) lay against the rest of the world....
    all other decent christian, muslim, jewish people are caught up in between in these gangster wars..

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