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Thread: to michael lover

  1. #1
    If you cant give good advice shut the hell up. People come here for a reason, not for asses like you to be cynical or crital.I'm a permanent resident (thank god) so i dont have any worries! did you actually read your post before posting it, you ***!

  2. #2
    I will be providing good advice, along with cynical or crital comments!
    Sorry, i didnt have any good advice for you

  3. #3

    YOU sure have a big mouth for somebody trying to aid a criminal (this fiance or husband of yours). Wonder what the person is doing whose place he is taking in the immigration line, whose job does he have!!?? Disgusting!

    And you -Why don't you STFU until you understand what Freedom of Speech means.

    And you're a permanent resident..God Help US!!

  4. #4
    Natalia is another grint that beat the system. SCAMMER!!

  5. #5
    to staunchrepublican and native, shut the **** up!THis is an immigration forum, not a repulican or native forum. Yes i have a green card and has never been illegal! My fiance is living here illegal and so are millions of other people, just trying to legalise themselves,and not begging you for anything.So go start your own website and get off there about 'grints and criminals,' but right now you can kiss my ***! You peice of ****!'America is a land of immigrants (legal and illegal)', so keep your ****ing comments for someone who cares or shove it up your wrinkled asses!

  6. #6
    Whoa there Tonto..are we having a little PMS?
    Or is it you're such a pathetic, fat, ugly blimp you can't marry anything better than an illegal alien. And now he might get deported..WAAAAAAA

    Don't worry, you got that wonderful GC and there's enough desperate ones left I'm sure you will get a second chance. SO dry your tears and trim your chin hairs, All is well !!

  7. #7
    Native, i know now that you are ignorant ***! Fat, ugly and pathetic, is all you got? It's the so-called americans like you that are fat ugly and pathetic! My fiance is not being deported, rather he is going to get his green card, and i'll surely send you a mail then! i'm sure that you and your ******* friends will be seething with rage 'that another grint got through the system!'lol! Now you can do me a favor, 'KISS MY BEAUTIFUL ***!'

  8. #8
    I guess you are another hater. Who asked you anything? All i have to say to you is'NEXT!'
    It's not even worth getting worked up over you guys, you're all just ignorant and bitter!

  9. #9

    I'm a GC holder like you.
    And I'll give you some very useful advice:

    We are guests in this country, therefore we don't ***** at the citizens. Your attitude is embarrassing.

    I don't know where you from, but in western Europe we are civilized, educated and taught manners.
    With your unconsidered behavior you brand us with an image not all of us deserve.
    Yes, I'm sure there are tons of grints and scammers. There are also a lot of us who invested time and gave up friends and career in order to immigrate to another continent.

    Like I used to say in my native Country: If you don't like it, leave it ..."
    I support every American with that attitude.

    From immigrant to immigrant -> behave yourself, your a guest!

  10. #10

    Join Date
    Jun 2005
    Proud Citizen of the United States

    Your comments are appreciated, at least by this native born son of the US. Welcome.

    I would gladly take you to dinner as a show of my appreciation for your efforts and love of MY country. ****, we could even study for your citizenship test.


    I would like to know where you get off telling people who were born here and love this country ANYTHING about how to act. By harboring a fugitive from the law, GC holder or not, you are a law breaker, a criminal, a fugitive from justice and a scumbag. You should be arrested and deported right alongside your husband. I would save the US govt the expense and gladly drive you to the airport and put you on a plane myself.

    GO HOME.

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