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Thread: Immigration Related Video Links

  1. #1
    Tijuana Shootout

    Mexico or California?

    Children in a Texas School Reciting the Pledge to allegiance to Mexico:

    America is Fed Up

    The ungrateful "immigrant"

    Warning: she a nasty one.
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    Meet Juan ("the Con Artist") Hernandez:

    Jessica debates Juan the Con

    Fanatical advocate for illegal aliens joins with John McCain
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    Originally posted by explora:
    Dora Teaches Mexican kid how to sneak into the U.S.
    Actually Mexican Nationals teach their children how to become illegal alien criminals at a very young age, thus the DREAM ACT was born and died at the hand of AMERICAN PATRIOTS, TWICE SO FAR. Now all they have left is their misdirected anger at Americans because everything about their dismal lives is our fault. Instead of placing the blame on their criminal parents whose fault it is that they have to lie, cheat, steal and devise all types of illegal schemes to remain here and cheat American children out of a seat in the class rooms of America. .

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    Lou Dobbs Smackdown of Janet Murguia, President of "The Race"

    President of The Race, Lying and Rambling
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  7. #7
    Don't Ask McCain About Anchor Babies
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    Illegal aliens cost Florida taxpayers nearly two billion dollars annually from outlays in the following areas:Education,Health Care and Incarceration.

    El Sol Resource Center a.k.a. "Jupiter Illegal Hiring Hall" has been called a "model" for others to implement. Centers like this throughout the US are setting a dangerous precedent and represent utter capitulation. As Jupiter has seen, build it and they will come, illegals that is. It is shocking that the taxpayer is expected to just grin and bear it. This is a national issue. Aside from the negative impact that a mass influx of illegals has on a community i.e. Social resources, schools, law enforcement, local hospitals , wage suppression,etc. , these locations make an utter mockery of every legal immigrant who took the time to do it right. If Amnesty is ever granted I would guess these resource centers would then be used as an immigration centers to as quickly as possible legalize unknown millions of illegal aliens. This center and others are openly defying Federal and State law. City governments within our US democracy are supposed to obey Federal law and represent the interests of their constituents. Yet the elected officials of Jupiter Florida are committing felonies through the official sanctioning of the illegal hiring between illegal foreign workers and illegal employers, to the detriment of taxpaying citizens and immigrants (legal by definition).

    Come join us every Saturday from 9am-12am and protest in front of El Sol, bring friends and a sign. If El-Sol is allowed to continue, there may be many more with no end in sight. In the end we the taxpayers pay the price for other peoples cheap illegal labor

    2/2/08 Illegals cost Florida taxpayers $2 Billion a year
    Wolves Travel In Packs

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    Wolves Travel In Packs

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    Lou Dobbs hosts Janet "the LaRaza Anchor Baby, Whiney Loud Mouthed Squeeling Piglet" Murguia

    For those that didn't see it

    Part 1
    Part 2

    This illegal alien pimping race baitor is representative of all that is wrong with Mexico. Notice how she deliberately confuses illegal aliens with LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.
    Wolves Travel In Packs

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