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Thread: Where are Swissnut, Josephine Schmo, Still Learning, 4now and others ?

  1. #1

    I havent seen u guys in a while...

  2. #2

    I havent seen u guys in a while...

  3. #3
    Hey Pasha :-) I'm around, just not much. Haven't seen 4now much at all in a long while. Haven't seen Jo in a long time. I talk to Swiss now and then. What's going on with you? :-)

  4. #4

  5. #5
    Thanks still learning and fresh taco...

    Nothing much. Don't get time to visit the board as in past .... have a great day...Pasha

  6. #6
    I am still here but don't do much on this forum anymore...

    Still waiting for my GC to actually arrive...


  7. #7
    Arqu, you got through everything, just waiting for the actual card, right?

    Seems that most "oldies" have gone. Things get so crazy on this site since there's no moderator.

  8. #8
    Still Learning...

    Yes, I had to send back the GC when it finally arrived a few months ago due to a clerical error on it. They are working on I-90's from March '05 so I should have it soon enough...

    I don't bother to post anymore due to the lack of a moderator and the stuff that goes on. Besides, I have been stressed over this for so many years now that I have just moved on...


  9. #9
    Hi ARQU!

    Nice to see you. Hopefully you will get your card with the right info next time around. I haven't heard anything on my case, and to be honest, I already desisted about hearing from them. I am concentrating now in filing the N-400 in January 2006. Then they will have to get my case straight, but I doubt they will do anyting before then.

  10. #10
    They all got deported

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