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Thread: Can we check our I-751's online?

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    On the case status at the INS website can we check the case online? We got receipt number so I assume yes?

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    On the case status at the INS website can we check the case online? We got receipt number so I assume yes?

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    Gatinha! No, you cannot check I-751's online. They have them in an old database that is not available online. VSC is now flying but I don't remember if that was your service center or if it was NSC. Which is your service center and your noa receipt date?

  4. #4
    oi amiguinho. They confused me here because we got receipt date as if we are able to check it online. NSC is taking long time now. Been about 6 months and many more to go. i have to file the divorce and apply for a waiver as well.
    oh God.

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    NSC is the slower center now on I-751's

    Why you have to file for divorce? Can you just wait a little bit longer? or your husband is putting some pressure?

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    Yes amiguinho the pressure is on. And then he is thinking about the interview. If we go he is not so sure and confortable in appearing as he used to be. what do you think.

  7. #7
    You cannot check the status of the I-751 online. I went through the Vermont center and I recently received a letter stating that they sent my file to Boston and I would be getting a letter with an interview date soon. A few weeks ago I sent Boston a very nice letter stating that I was concerned because my card was going to expire in April 2005 and I wanted to know if I had to file more paperwork before that happened. Today I got a letter from them stating that my petition was "GRANTED". No interview! Just wanted to let you know that maybe a nice letter might do the trick, it did for me.

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    Just for the record, an I-551 is automatically extended until such time as the I-751 is adjudicated, whether it takes 3 months or 3 years.

  9. #9

    When did you file your I-751? When did you receive the letter from VSC notifying you about the transfer of your file? and when did you get the approval letter from Boston?

  10. #10
    Trudy you are one like person. Please helps is giving us your time frame. My service center is Nebraska but wow. They sent your file to the local INS office that meant an interview and then BOOM you just got yourself on the green lane.

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