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  1. #1
    This message brought to you by the vast right wing conspiracy.

  2. #2
    Please accept napkin from me to wipe your eyes full of tears. Sorry to hear this incident.

  3. #3
    I am shocked, Islam is the religion of peace, or pieces of bodies lying all over a hotel.

  4. #4
    sorry to read comments about davdah and federale86;
    If you do not have any knowledge of Islam please do not speak on that subject.

    It depand upon the person how he has been brought up with others.

    This is Immigration board and I would appricate if you have any knowledge about please try to help..others...Jaye Ho

  5. #5
    Well Kumar, how many Hindus were killed this year by Muslims? It appears you are a traitor to your nation and religion.

  6. #6
    It's not Hundu or Muslims, Its a Political Parties. now what is going on in Mumbai do you thing this Hindu vs Hindu......
    You might have read the book on Ghandi ...It's the same thing..
    now it is time for give and take....

  7. #7
    Kumar, I think it's best to ignore this kind of comment/thread. It will simply get uglier......please....

  8. #8
    JMH: you are correct this type of things will not take you any where it will create only hate .
    According to US, they do not care about any one we have all kind of narow minded peoples all over the world.

  9. #9
    Those Are not muslims idiots !!!! Those are just a bunche of poor suffered killiers , sort of psycho and some of Criminals using and doing things of name of Religion same as the Oclahoma dude and so on and on and on ..... using religion for the benifits... either politic or Business or or or .. controled b big head which he has nothing to do with islam or relgiion .. he just or they just used these stupid dirty people for their benifits ....Religions allll religions has nothing to do with crimes and killing . Those Are not muslims just sick people brain washed and i am sure they are in helllllfire right now geting sooo Crispy

  10. #10
    It appears that some here are wilfully ignorant or in the process of committing suicide. Ghandi could only be a pacifist because he was protected by armed British soldiers and police.

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