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Thread: Question to Sammy and other gurus

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    Is a joint I-751/N-400 interview more detailed than an ordinary N-400 interview?

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    Is a joint I-751/N-400 interview more detailed than an ordinary N-400 interview?

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    I am the only guru here. Any advice from other people should be ignored.

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    Michael if I need your opinion I will give it to you.

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    Join Date
    Oct 2003
    East Hampton [Long Island], New York [USA]
    If your jointly filed I-751 would be adjudicated on the same day of N-400 interview, then officer will first interview you and your wife on I-751. Officer would ask just the typical questions about your marital relationship. If you have enough documentation to prove the continuity and bona fide of your marital relationship, then it would just be a formality.

    Once interview is done on jointly filed I-751, officer would move on towards interviewing on N-400 without the presence of your wife because she has nothing to do with your N-400 being it an individual application even though she is your wife. She must need to step out. However, the facts about officer having known the presence of your wife with you and the completion of sucussesful interview on I-751, would make your N-400 interview very smooth and easy like a piece of cake. Because during adjudication of N-400, officers are more concerned/focused on finding of whether applicant for N-400 is still happily living in a marital relationship without any separation (formal or informal) if N-400 is filed based upon 3 yrs rule being married to US citizen.

    Good Luck

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    Thank you Sammy, but how come the N-400 interview letter does not ask to bring marriage evidence and does not even mention the I-751?

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    Join Date
    Oct 2003
    East Hampton [Long Island], New York [USA]
    Since N-400 has nothing to do with I-751, so naturally the interview letter for N-400 won't say anything about I-751. If USCIS would choose to take an interview on I-751, then they would send you a separate interview/notification letter for that. However, keep it in mind that these days I-751s are being adjudicating without any interview. So, it is very much possible that you would receive your approval notice on I-751 before your interview date on N-400.

    It doesn't matter what is asked to bring on interview letter, you should take everything to your N-400 interview. If you would like to know more about it then you may wish to read one of my previous posting on this- check this out-

    Good Luck.

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    Join Date
    Oct 2003
    East Hampton [Long Island], New York [USA]
    Not necessarily. Marriage Certificate, the proof of USC-spouse's US citizenship and previously filed tax-returns (regardless of joint or separate) would do the trick.

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    Thanks for the important info, very helpful.

    Actually, I have a pending I-751 at the district office and I just received notice for N-400 interview but the N-400 was so general it is shocking.

    There was no mention of the I-751 at all and the N-400 did not even ask about evidence that we are still married and living together, so we will play safe and carry what we can.

    It seems the I-751 is meaningless then, if its overtaken by the N-400 interview, in importance. I just dont get it.

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    There are so old threads on this, seems like maybe Paddy(?) went through this? The I-751 is not meaningless but I remember reading something about being sure the file is in the right place when you go for N-400.

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