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Thread: Can my daughter apply for me when she is 21

  1. #1
    My daughter will be 21 next year and I have those CSS/LULAC work permit...its now in AAO...I heared that they deny almost every body... I never in out of country after 1987...Is she can apply for me??? Do I have to do any waiver or I am in 10 year bar???

    Please advice...

  2. #2
    It depends- did you make a lawful entry into the U.S.? Meaning you came in with a passport and have/had an I-94 card.

    If not, were any petitions (besides CSS/LULAC) filed on your behalf before April 30, 2001?

    If yes to either of these questions, your U.S. Citizen daughter might be able to sponsor you for green card when she turns 21.

  3. #3
    No more mexicans, you need to leave. Of course you entered the U.S. ilegally, had a kid with the purpose of using her in the future as an anchor. LULAC is a nasty commie racist organization.

  4. #4

    I entered EWI.. and no application before 2001 I ahve no chance...I can use any WAIVER???

  5. #5
    EWI, huh? Just another filthy dirtbag who doesn't respect our laws....sorry but there is NO adjustment of status in your irresponsible please get out of MY country (it is NOT your country)...

  6. #6
    There is no waiver for you if you are in the U.S. IF you are in deportation proceedings, you can apply for "Cancellation of Removal" if you can prove Exceptional Hardship to your daughter if you leave. This is very difficult to do. And, you'd have to turn yourself in to the govt. to ask for it. If it was denied, they would deport you. Not something I would recommend unless you have a very, very strong case.

    Only other option at this point is to go home and be subject to 10 year bar or wait for reform.

  7. #7

    Is there any other way that atleast I can get a EAD.My AAO appeal get denied and I don't have anymore EAD.I ahve three kids one in college,one in high school and one in middle school.I ahve a mortgage to pay,cars,bills pay..Last 20 years I have EAD.NOw i get laid off and I didn't getting any job..what I can do other than surrender to wife came here legally so she will get GC thru my tehre any option for me????please advice....

  8. #8
    There is no other way to get EAD at this point- not from what you have told me.

  9. #9
    Buy some kleenex and mop up your phony have NO respect for the laws of MY country, and only want to obey some random law (if it exists -but doesn't) that would give you some undeserved benefit....back to the goat pen for you ....

  10. #10
    Mrs. Mani,
    One thing I remmeber now around begaining of 89 i went to india for a week to get my wife..i don't have any proof..but only thing is i wrote my wife i-94....will it work???

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