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Thread: Marriage over the phone

  1. #21
    In doing some research on this I found articles basically saying that for a marriage to be recognized for immigration purposes it has to be consumated (or at least the parties would had to have opportunity for this?) in order to not be considered a sham marriage. I came across this point that was included in a response to an H1 question:

    "2) A valid marriage according to the laws of any country (except proxy marriages under Islamic law) are given full recognition by US laws.

    (Posted on 18 March 2003)

    [Index] [Compiled by Law Offices of Rajiv S Khanna"

  2. #22
    During my research, I have checked about 80 marriage certificates, from some countries, along with that Somali Marriage certificate as well. The trick is that the document(Marriage certificates), do not indicate that how marriage was performed)It says in the presence of following witness.
    Now it creates a confusion at this point.
    These are the loopwholes in the law all over the world.

  3. #23
    Sab, I had been told this was happening but couldn't find that explains it!

  4. #24
    Marriage by Phone is not legal for imigration purposes only acording to imigration law. It is legal for other people. Call 310-673-4000 x 2 for details. An attorney can explain it to you for free.
    John E Crawford

  5. #25
    Not to ruin your dreams,but its time to hear it from the horses mouth -

    Law lesson about the United States -
    The United States does not,nor ever will recignize a phone marriage,not to mention even looking at it.PERIOD.

    Secondly,any marriage that takes please outside the US,in other than english language it needsa to be translated professionally,notarized within the country for the country being issued so its satisfied the country laws.

    Phone marriage is not even being recignized in me thats a joke,that actually people talking about it and what not...kinda pathetic.

    No Laywer can help you by the way with it,and the one who said "its fine" has problem zero knowledge and no experience....

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