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Thread: ID for AOS interview

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    My wife (US citizen) and me are scheduled for an AOS interview next week. I believe the first thing they ask us is for our state IDs, is that true? She cannot find her's .. would that be a problem, and are there any alternatives. What would be a good reason to give - or should she say she lost it, and would that be well accepted.

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    Why doesn't your wife just go to the DMV and get a replacement driver license or ID? Unless there is something underhanded or illegal, this is the logical thing to do.

    Otherwise, the situation looks very suspicious.

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    The earliest appointment we can get is after our interview, and it takes upto another 60 days to get the card.

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    I live in Arizona. When I moved recently and updated my address with the DMV on their website, I received a new license in the mail within a week.

    Had I gone to a DMV office, I would have gotten a new license immediately.

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    When we had our AOS interview (Atlanta), I showed my EAD card (I also carried my passport). The EAD card was accepted as valid identification. We also showed our interview notice.

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