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Thread: 2 Million of salvadoreans in the states !

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    That is what the president said when he spoke with President Funez on March 8th .

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    That is what the president said when he spoke with President Funez on March 8th .

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    No wonder the air smells so bad in Los Angeles...2M who rarely bathe.

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    January 13th 2001 , left home with $2,000 dollars and with a lot hope and my dreams . When I was in Guatemala I heard the news of an Earthquake in El salvador ,no way of going back now ! Guatemala was a friendly country I could walk freely without fear of being deported . I was in Tecum Umam , on the other side the Mexican border . Mexico is different ,most mexicans would kill me for my money ,or take my money and deport me .So I paid a truck driver some cash so he could hide me in his truck to cross the border , for 700 dollars he took me to Puebla where he was going .In Puebla , I bought a tunic and a cross and people thought I was a catholic priest with those closes I was able to pass all immigration check points in Mexico , January 20th I was in Reynosa Tamaulipas , I change clothes again , and stayed three days in the Motel " la cigarra" Saturday night , I bought a tube and cross the river , 2 gallons of water and a map . I needed to get to Mcallen ,tx . I got to a place called " Bronxville " there was a big immigration check point , so I walk around it .In three days I was in HOuston . I went to a wallsgreen and got an Id,went to a Ross and bought some clothes and after that I went to a Hotel and orden some pizza hut , I bought a ticket to Porland and on february 12 I was there .I was so afraid in the airplane ,first time i got into a plane .I slept the whole way , when I got there at the airport , I saw some immigration officers .Right away , I approach an old lady and help starting talking to her ,she was so sweet , I help her with her luggage and I starting calling her "grandma " maybe she was an angel send by God ,who knows .From there I took a cab to Vancouver ,Wa .and that is how I got to the Usa.Would I do that again ? Probably not , my understanding of God has grown after that and I think that we need to obey the law .But as the bible say that God winks at our ignorance . I didn't know better .But God has been with me , in the next week of coming to the Us , I found out about the Tps program and I applied right away .After that I worked hard and became a used car salesman , then I met my wife ,who is a US citizen and from there things really worked better .

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    after that my first daughter was born . I went to college and got my BA in 2009 I entered the seminary , I will finish a Master of divinity next year ,after that hopefully Pastor a church and try to get a Phd in New Testament . All things are possible for those who believe ! During all this take I have never taken any money from the state ,I worked hard and I like to pay for my own stuff .

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    so, Fredy, what are you trying to prove? That El Salvador is such a mess that Salvadoreans don't want to live there? Guess what, we already knew that! The real question is whether Americans are happy that they're all trying to come here. I would suggest that Americans are not real happy about it.

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    so Fredy, can you walk on water? What does god think about you violating the sanctity of our borders? And since you have no marketable skills, it's easy to see why you starting selling used (i.e. stolen) stop, most catholic priests...better stock up on the soap and KY...

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    Mexicans should be more angry about people getting to the states since those states belonged to Mexico .

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    fredy: do you have PROOF of that statement? Let's see some rela evidence, not some mindless dogmatic quote from the bible....and none of our states belongs to El Salvador...

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