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Thread: Lou Dobbs for the Senate?

  1. #1
    Well, well...the #1 enemy of illegal immigration, Lou Dobbs may run for office in NJ. But now he's quickly backtracking from his previous position against illegal Immigration to one of a path for legalization! He's certainly got the political flair down right LOL

    Dobbs Reaches Out to Latinos, With Politics in Mind

    Former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, pondering a future in politics, is trying to wipe away his image as an enemy of Latino immigrants by positioning himself as a champion of that fast-growing ethnic bloc.

    Mr. Dobbs, who left the network last week, has said in recent days that he is considering a third-party run for a New Jersey Senate seat in 2012, or possibly for president. Polls show voters unhappy with both parties, and strategists believe Mr. Dobbs could tap populist anger over economy issues just as Ross Perot did in the 1990s.

    First, though, Mr. Dobbs is working to repair what a spokesman conceded is a glaring flaw: His reputation for antipathy toward Latino immigrants. In a little-noticed interview Friday, Mr. Dobbs told Spanish-language network Telemundo he now supports a plan to legalize millions of undocumented workers, a stance he long lambasted as an unfair "amnesty."
    "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."

  2. #2
    I'd say he's got a lot of groundwork to make up in this area . . . and many others. Talk about a hypocrite?

  3. #3
    Lou Dobbs has gone too far regarding his anti-illegal immigrant rhetoric to ever win any support from the immigrant community (much less from anyone else but the very far, far, right extremists).

  4. #4
    There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics, just temporary loyalties. So much so that the case in point is a republican.

  5. #5
    Not that others project superiority, but rather it might be that some choose to be inferior - not necessarily on intent but by destiny.

  6. #6
    While you can't be short, you need a long torso to get a good view of yourself in a pool of water. Ok, in modern times, in a huge wall mirror, to admire yourself - narcissism personified.

  7. #7
    It's stale and boring, but it's a matter of looking at it half empty or half full.

  8. #8
    Originally posted by davdah:
    WOW! Like...nobody knows loyalty is to votes only. We would have suffered indefinite anautarchia without this enlightenment from on high.
    "To the chagrin of a few and direction of the one. Yes, it moves on, and on, and on, and on.

    Let's see how intellectually superior we can seem. Come back with something really good this time. Break out that thesaurus and find some obscure words to pull from. Anautarchia didn't quite make the impression. The trailer dwellers here will go oooh aaaah ouchhhhh poooh-poooooh, what kind of word is that? They might even do a google search on it just to know what was said. Remember, as some said, there are those destined to be inferior and narcissistic in their ways. Might as well keep trying to remind them. Who's the hypocrite????"

  9. #9
    I also see the need to go back to basics. Copying your post and changing one word is for what purpose? Did you realize that one word's intent or the direction of the posts? I'm sure not.

    Here it is:

    Did you remember my word Anathema and your Anautarchia?

    Main Entry: boomerang
    Pronunciation: \?b-m?-?ra?\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Dharuk (Australian aboriginal language of the Port Jackson area) ***arin?
    Date: 1825

    1 : a bent or angular throwing club typically flat on one side and rounded on the other so that it soars or curves in flight; especially : one designed to return near the thrower
    2 : an act or utterance that backfires on its originator

    Haha! I love the second meaning.

    Well, no plagiarism. Those "quotation marks" before and after the copied post did the trick. Hence, no flattery either. Mockery is so much closer.

  10. #10
    Originally posted by davdah:
    Jeesus, talk about being thick headed. You put up 'Anathema' as a way to talk down to Fed. No surprise there, the usual expected trash.

    I used the word 'Anautarchia' to mock your post. I hoped you might catch the meaning by virtue of it also being an 'A' word and being inappropriately placed within a sentence, just like yours.

    Have you ever thrown a boomerang? Know what their used for? Before they come back to the one who launched it, it hits it's intended target. Quite often in the head. I guess it pays to have a thick cranium.
    At first glance, when I saw the word 'anathema', I read the word enema - lol!!!!! Anathema is not a word one sees very often. I think if one of my friends were to use this word on me, I would just have to bust out laughing.

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