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  1. #1
    I have been fighting for my husband to return to the US for 3 years. Spent thousands of dollars and now they tell me that a letter came from Greece that they denied him because our hardship was not good enough, so now what do I do?

  2. #2
    Visit your husband , if you can, or immigrate to third country.

    Good Luck,


  3. #3
    I am unable to visit him. He is in Egypt, I am in USA. I am in College and I have good job. The economy in Egypt is bad and I have been supporting my husband for 3 years, and now I dont know what I will do... I just dont know

  4. #4
    Well, I am 32 old man and let me teach you some lesson:

    Nothing is worse than helplessly asking what to do or saying you don't know what to do.

    Nobody will help you!
    Remember this!
    Nobody but YOU are the one who can advise you what to do.

    If, as a matter of fact , he is overseas and denied entry US then deal and live with it!
    Either visit him, or , if you can't, immigrate to third country.
    Or separate.
    There are no other options.



  5. #5
    Your a mean b a s t a r d, I came on here for solutions, not to feel sorry, just to ask if there is anything any one knows that I can do to help, guess I picked the wrong site.

  6. #6
    Call me what you wish - I told you the truth.

    Have a good one.


  7. #7
    Who are 'they'? Why from Greece? You need to have the hardship - not him! Why are supporting him? Do you have a lawyer?

  8. #8
    In your hardship letter did you mention that you were in college and had a good job in the US? Is wherever your husband at education the same as the US if not did you compare the two in the letter? Also does wherever your husband at have lots of jobs like your there if not you can use that to. I found another website that is very useful in alot of immigration issues especially dealing with hardship letters. it is

  9. #9

  10. #10
    Hardship waivers involve a discretionary decision. This means the hardship is weighted against the offense that triggers the need for the waiver in the first place. Extreme hardship that's enough to waive a misrepresentation may not be enough to waive a very recent conviction for a very serious crime. Note that BIA has decided that the offense that triggers the waiver is considered in the decision (there's a world of controversy around this one). But the OP does not describe the offense that triggered the need for the waiver, she does not mention if she's a citizen or not, she does not mention any kids or any other relevant factors. Note that positive equity is considered along with the hardship on ANY decision involving discretion. A lawyer could help you see if the adjudication can be appealed as a matter of law and explore other avenues for relief. This is NOT legal advice.

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