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Thread: Question about the LPR card

  1. #1
    Once you beccome a naturalized citizen aren't you supposed to turn in that LPR card?

    Curious I just remembered ex showed it to my attorney during a meeting. Should that still be in his possession?

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    Once you beccome a naturalized citizen aren't you supposed to turn in that LPR card?

    Curious I just remembered ex showed it to my attorney during a meeting. Should that still be in his possession?

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  4. #4
    Guess I should tell ICE. He could give that card, sell it or something to another Indian.

    Should I have Congressman notify ICE?

  5. #5
    How have so many errors in his favor occured?

    Pray for me Federale I am still working day and night getting things over to the Inspector General of Social Security.

    I spoke to the lead prosecutor David Rodriguez and he said their is no statuted of limitations on him securing a valid social while he was illegal in this country. I finally have the paperwork from the original immigration attorney we used to validate he was illegal until the 245i came into play back in 2001.

    Mr. Rodriguesz said if he can get Patrick O'Carroll to agree he can prosecute for every day he has used this social including yesterday even though he has been naturlized.

    It have taken me over a month to get to the right people in Social Security but finally and he wants to know everything.

    Do you see any problem with giving them everything even things I have turned over to ICE?

  6. #6

    I have read several postings by several people and you seem to stand out the most as the walking contradiction, you complain about your ex not giving you enough money yet you want him deported, How do you expect to get your alimony and child support? You seem to be very cruel and vandictive person, with these type's of problems have you considered therapy.

  7. #7
    Yes, tell ICE. It is a crime to keep possession of the card. It is not a souvenier. At naturalization you are supposed to turn it in. He must have lied and said he lost it.

  8. #8
    When you've lived through the hell my children and I go through each day then you question my motives.

    Until then hang out in NY with all the illegals. Even the legal, law abiding immigrants are complaining! Thank God, Yes God not Alla, some Guru, etc..

    Sorry if that isn't politically correct. Although are fine President no longer beleives we are a Christian nation, I DO.

  9. #9
    I think I would question your motives on a continuous basis, your a woman that is obviously seeking revenge quite possibly because your ex husband left you and your still upset about it.

    Due to the type of work that I do I am around allot of people from various parts of the globe, therefore I'm very diverse. No need for you to pray for alla.

    My childs father was deported cause I'm not crazy enough to marry an illegal, and he wasn't smart enough to get his paperwork and it's not my job to do that for him. Doesn't mean I don't have sympathy for those that deserve it, but your mind is only set for revenge not to actually help out your children. Your probably causing more harm than good, but you won't see it till it's to late and then you'll regrat your actions. "to every action there's a reaction".

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