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Thread: Aneri I need you!!!

  1. #1
    I was suggested to get in touch with you, you might have the answer for me, would you help? thanks!!!

  2. #2
    I was suggested to get in touch with you, you might have the answer for me, would you help? thanks!!!

  3. #3
    what's your question bianca1 ? take care

  4. #4
    hello Mike,
    just two topics down, that is me. "how can i get a copy of my J1 visa" would you look into it, you might have the answer. thank you!!

  5. #5
    hmm well your status is in the system anyway my friend? it's not like if you dont have your passport on then you dont have status? right? the day you entered the country they had your info in the system so even if you go there and you dont have the copy they will be able to see it in the system. it's like when ICE stoping someone in the street and ask him/her for their status , doesnt matter what you tell them bcoz they will run your name in the system and they will find out evrything about the status , the day you entered and everything . so i dont think u will have a problim at all.

  6. #6
    and u dont have to mention (lost it) u can always say it got expired and you renewed it

  7. #7
    but like i said i dont think this will be an issue

  8. #8
    you can always request your own records (FOIA) but the prblim this will take almost a year to get it processed

  9. #9
    it's 6.35AM now and iam going to bed now my friend. i'll talk to u in few hours take care

  10. #10
    thanks MIke,
    Well, i have a police report so i cant say anything else, but i dont think it matters how i lost it...
    but i just dont want Immigration give me a hard time and deny my case just because i dont have a copy of my visa.
    im sure they can check my status and all that, but why would they do the job for me, so i guess thats why i need to have all the evidence myself.
    i have my I-94 and if i wouldnt have gotten my I-94 i wouldnt have been able to come here legally, right?
    so that should be enough. but i still want to get a record somehow.:-) i wont give up, but embassy is such a pain they're not helpful. is that my only option the get a copy?

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