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Thread: letter for imigration

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    Hello and welcome. It depends on the situation. What is the nature of your friend's immigration status? Is the letter needed to support a hardship waiver request?

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    no,she needs only 5 letters from us citizens that said that we know her for a long time that's it. thank you in advance to take the time to answer.

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    her husband is a resident and he ask for her,now she is going for her permit to work and needs this letters that i told you about.thanks

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    Is your friend in the process of adjusting her status? That's probably why she wants the letters. USCIS needs to verify that a bona fide marriage exists in order to adjust the status of the alien to permanent resident.

    Just write a personal letter that includes your name, address, phone number, date of birth and a few lines about your interactions with your friend and her husband that can help verify the marrige is bona fide. If you've been to their house, you can include that you've witnessed they live together and anything else you've seen that can validate they have a real marriage and not one set up for immigration purposes only.

    Good luck.

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    Most of all, the letters must be completely truthful. If you lie, you will be found guilty and possibly charged with an immigration related fraud. If you haven't had any interaction and are not recently familiar with them, it's best to pass and not write any such letter claiming false knowledge of the individuals.
    This message brought to you by the vast right wing conspiracy.

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    Be truthful, accurate, and give a sense of the big picture of your relationship with requester. Peace be your journey.
    Always interested in the H1-B visa, the Eb-5 Visa Program and other Eb5 Investor Visa related issues.

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