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Thread: Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shot dead

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    She is not dead! You have to correct your headline there. My goodness, this is terrible! Who is it that can't deal with democracy? I have my suspicion, but will wait to talk about it until it is confirmed.
    “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire

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    That is a wicked lie. The woman is not dead. Let's pray for her instead of lying on her.

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    This is what happens when hatred, bigotry and insane intolerance goes unchecked!

    Yesterday it was Immigrants and Mexicans being insulted and assaulted by Jim Crow lynch mob extremists, today it was US Representative who was shot by someone of the same Jim Crow mindset.

    3 people died, including a child!

    "...I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit

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    why are you complementing this act with " allaho akbar" term.... U are really a son of ...itch who has no Sympathy to an innocent woman who has family and kids,,,, I wish you will feel this pain one time so you learn the lesson the hard way u j...erk.

    no wonder the west hate islam and hate muslims!!!!! all i can say is go to h'ell

    Originally posted by manali:

    muahahahaha....ALLAH HU AKBAR....Well done illegal alines

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    I believe federale86 known as FedNut should be investigated by FBI for his hateful rhetoric against Muslims.
    He sounds like a psychopath close to snapping.

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    You need to be deported iperson. Soon enough, you will be.

    Why is E tossing accusations like wanted flypaper hoping for a label to stick when nothing has been discovered about the criminals?
    This message brought to you by the vast right wing conspiracy.

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    Originally posted by davdah:
    Giving them excuses?
    Giving WHOM excuses?
    I don't give excuses to ISI or their Taliban patsies, but as long as human beings are what they are and you have organizations like Pakistan's ISI and some others directly profiting from those type of actions , finding or conditioning a few brainwashed village fools will be a breeze, especially when you have such a large pool of poor and uneducated folks there.

    Poverty is no stranger to this country. We don't hear of bands of the down trodden taking over a plane and flying it into buildings or strapping bombs to themselves and yelling out the name of their leader while killing hundreds at a time.
    Terrorism is no stranger to any country. Who doesn't know about them Christian Terrorists among the ranks of ill-minded folks like you?
    Are Muslim Terrorists more stupid and destructive than you davdah and those who are like minded as you? Of course yes (and, as pointed above, there are objective socio-economical causes of it), but does it make you any less of a Murderous Terrorist, davdah?
    I don't think so. You are just as evil, just a little more clever.
    Anyone can read your hateful rantings about immigrants on this forum and if one replaces "illegals" or "Mexicans" in your posts with "Jews" and Zionists", you will have a blue print of Taliban or Hitler manifesto.

    No, we don't hear of those things because people here, most anyhow, wouldn't follow nor tolerate any system of thought that advocates violence as a means to spiritual well being.
    Yeah, i see that guy in Arizona that shot a bullet at US Rep was an alien from the Moon. How could Aizonian do such deed?

    Christianity doesn't advocate those things in the name of religion. That is the most important fact and the one you're trying to fervently circumvent.
    Take your time and read mein Kamph of Hitler, see for yourself how one of the greatest atrocity of XXth century was advocated by a man who dedicated pages of his book praising Jesus and Christianity.

    When the rare and isolated incident takes place the Christian leadership unanimously denounces it.
    Hitler wasn't an isolated incident, he led half of Western Europe against the rest of the world.
    Catholic Inquisitions and burnings at stake also weren't isolated incidents nor were those denounced until after few hundred years and hundreds of thousands of Witch burnings.

    That is, if there is even the slightest indication there might have been a religious basis for it. Simple civilized pronouncements missing in the events that occur after a muslim bombing. Instead, we hear cheers and calls for more of the same. The moderates by their inaction advocate it just as much as the one with the bullhorn cheering. There are no innocents in this.
    Just because there are interconnected network of opium traders , Muslim clerics and Pakistani politicians who, in concert with some other regional players, perpetrate those atrocities doesn't mean you, davdah, are any better or less of a Terrorist than them.
    You don't have moral grounds to condemn them while you engage in the same sort of rhetoric as Taliban does, only yours is aimed at defenseless immigrants and political opponents here as opposed to Taliban targeting their own innocent civilians along with those of foreigners of different faith.
    Start with condemning the mindset of Christian Terrorist that you are and then you can move on to condemning them like minded as you Taliban Terrorists there.

    Your half a$$ed apology of sorts and feeble attempt of aligning their actions with people you don't agree with is disingenuous at minimum. The root cause of it is the religion. It's no more complicated than that.
    Who apologizes for anything?
    If anything, I am the one condemning Terrorism in all of it's forms and manifestations, be it Muslim Taliban Terrorists or your type of Christian Terrorists who shoot rounds of bullets because you can't stand hearing your opposition speak.

    "...I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit

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