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Thread: Definition of a Grint...

  1. #1
    Here's what says:

    1 entry found for grint.

    \Grint\, 3d pers. sing. pres. of Grind, contr. from grindeth. [Obs.] --Chaucer.

    Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.

    Can someone translate that?


  2. #2
    Hey Sup,

    I really was hoping for an explanation from Epiclaughter for the definition, but evidentally they are not even understanding the meaning of Grint; even though, they definitely over-use the word.

    Definitely a poor explanation/meaning of the word. I will try to translate it for you.

    \Grint\, 3d pers. (used as third Person)

    sing. (Singular form)

    pres. of Grind (Present Tense of Grind, please see definition of grind below)

    contr. from grindeth (Contraction from grindeth)

    Definition of GRIND:
    1: Monotonous Labor or routine; intensive study 2: a student who studies excessively

    Source: The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    And just think................Epiclaughter has been complimenting all of these people on the board after all, LOL!

    My apologies to Epic for thinking you were being so negative all of this time. Keep Up the Good Work, Epiclaughter!

  3. #3
    Too small is your ****-HEAD to set up questions for me, O'Thou who is overestimating thouself!!!

    As far as definition of 'Grint' goes, even in small American Heritage dictionary there are seven definitions of just word 'Grind', and this is only to give you an example.

    So, O'Thou who is nothing more but a ****-HEAD, go back to Thou Grint husband and grind His ****-HEAD instead of mine!!!

    **** on Grints!!!
    **** on Grints!!!
    **** on Grints!!!

  4. #4
    Pardon me, Oh Great One, but I chose the one I felt was most appropriate for this board, thank you very much!

    Maybe if you would have explained yourself better, I wouldn't have had to come to my own conclusion, even though I feel it is right no matter what you say.

    Wow, I love challenging you. This is Fun!

  5. #5
    Epic is my favorite choice of entertainment these days. I don't even watch TV anymore. A few reads of his/her/it's postings keeps me chuckling all day long.

    I must say though that I am very envious of he/she/it. Must be bloody nice to have so much time on your hands that one can post all day long from 7 in the morning to well past midnight.

  6. #6
    LOL, Atwitsend! I definitely agree. He does have such a good sense of humor, doesn't he ?

    Oh, by the way, Epic, I am not married yet, how would you like to go out and eat some night at a nice Mexican Restaurant? That is your favorite food isn't it?

    LOL, love ya man!


  7. #7

    Great and supreme tool of my manhood is never better than little hanging sausage, even if I see 400 naked 'play-boy' women having s-e-x and kissing each other in front of me!!!

    So, why would I want to trouble O'Meo-self to have dinner with O'Thou-self???

    Great is my anger because my little 'sausage' will never rise to cause!!!
    Great is my anger because Grints are guilty for it!!!

    **** ON GRINTS!!!
    **** ON GRINTS!!!
    **** ON GRINTS!!!

  8. #8
    Ahhh, Epic, don't be so harsh. I won't hold that against you. I wasn't looking for ***, just a little fun. So, what do you say?

  9. #9
    So then......what makes me a ****head? I am an American myself, so does that make you a ****head too?

  10. #10
    Ask not difficult questions!!!
    Help me **** on Grints instead!!!

    **** ON GRINTS!!!
    **** ON GRINTS!!!
    **** ON GRINTS!!!

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