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Thread: Illegal Mexican Exploitation

  1. #21
    I think you have missed the point.

    All the CPR variants I have seen would not give Amnesty to all, most seem to have a 3 year presence requirement.

    So if you assume 20m potential applicants, 5m or so would not be eligible for presence or due to criminal activity etc.

    PS I have heard it said that in any Amnesty they would need to go to the back of the line, F4 Phillipines?, 20 odd years.

    Any Guest Worker program will have limits, and it seems unlikely it would or could be limited to those from Mexico, so many would go to say Chinese and Indians. So that still leaves the pressure from the south.And Guest Worker implies they are going back, nothing would be further from the truth.

    There is of course nothing to stop adequate measures being put in place now, but there is not the political will and I can not see anything changing anytime soon.

    And of course the need is for people to do jobs Americans will not do, legalising those doing the jobs now will just create more opportunities for illegals.

    I can see no reason why if you are going to go down that path you would not need to do it every 10 years,and of course with that knowledge more people will come and wait it out, self feeding.

    Probably a lot to be said in the circumstances for just doing nothing.

  2. #22
    i am going to get some lashings for this comment but here goes, and i am anxious to hear some comments. If every few years the sitting president approves some sort of amnesty then what is to deter people coming here illegally and just playing the waiting game. They might not be eligible today, but maybe by the time the next one comes around then they are? Is amnesty the answer or is a revamp of the whole system the answer? An amnesty solves the problem for today but creates another for tomorrow.

    It condones those that employ in terrible conditions and pay. The government is actually recruiting these people.
    It gives hope to those risking their lives gettting in here in the first place. Is that really the answer. And to say no then what is

  3. #23

    There is a legal process for immigrating to America, a process that some assert is "broken."

    I disagree that America's immigration system is broken. The United States allows 1,000,000 (one million) legal immigrants EVERY year. That is not a system that is broken.

    Simply because 12,000,000+ individuals have decided that they're too important to follow the law and have immigrated ILLEGALLY does NOT mean that the immigration system is broken.

    Furthermore, no matter how many legal immigrants are allowed to enter every year, there are a limitless number who still want to come. The fact that other countries are worthless and their people can't wait to leave does NOT mean that America's immigration system is broken.

    One more thing: America needs to tell Mexico to mind its own business, and stop meddling in America's internal affairs. If Mexico worried more about Mexico, perhaps its people wouldn't be trekking through the desert to escape.

  4. #24
    another one i found

    Jack Eddington a Hypocrite on Illegal Immigration


    Jack Eddington a Suffolk County Legislature in the 7th district on
    Long Island, New York has not payed his back taxes and utilities.

    This is all a matter of public record and I am wondering why Newsday
    has not looked into this and why Jack is hurting the hardworking law
    abiding taxpayer who has voted for him.

    Another source of frustration is Jack and his wife Pat supporting anti
    illegal immigration laws when he himself uses illegal immigrants on
    his property to clean and landscape his yard.

  5. #25
    why do u say Mexico, yes the problem is with Mexico but its not just Mexicans that are here illegal. I think there would be a lot of Mexicans taking offence at that remark. There is a problem with Immigration all over the world by all nationalities. Its a fact.

    Actually saying this "The fact that other countries are worthless and their people can't wait to leave" is quite a pathetic argument isnt it. People come to America because its seen as the land of opportunity. Its not saying thier country of origin is ****. Another example how many brides of come over here, and leave everything behind, breaking off all ties leaving themselves penniless to be with the loves of their lives and they get dumped. And no where to go because maybe they had kids etc.... Yeah there are black sheep. thats why were human

  6. #26
    12,000,000 illegals. Its probably more than that!!! The immigration system is broken because it is unable to control it. Abusing it is not the answer either. But instead of bashing it, how about giving a solution.

  7. #27
    The rumor is, according to this web site, that instead of a brand new bill the new starting point will be the SJC markup that was produced last year. While this particular bill is much better than the final product passed by the Senate, the bill concentrates on legalizations and leaves substantial reform aside.

    The only substantial change is the addition of a guest worker program, but that aside, one must remember that the bill was designed to be reconciled against H.R.4437, and that's no longer the case.

    Why bother to produce a bill that's going to offer legal status to millions but fails to address the cause of illegal immigration in the first place? That's comparable to offering some pain killers to a child with a broken leg and discharging him without taking x-rays and fixing the broken bones.

    A few points that must be addressed by the reform section of any new bill are, in my humble opinion:

    - Expanding judicial review to once again cover abuse of discretion.
    - Rationalization of the waiver authority to provide relief to relatives of citizens.
    - Bringing back the concept of "aggravated" to the definition of "aggravated felony"
    - Restoring respect for the criminal courts when it comes to convictions and sentences imposed.
    - Eliminating the prostitution-related waivers when the offenses are clearly done willfully and for profit.
    - Eliminating special relief for some aliens from Caribbean countries. Equal protection has to mean something.
    - Eliminating TPS once and for all.
    - Eliminating degrading mechanisms that are intrusive upon the lives of citizens seeking a benefit for a family member.
    - Modernizing the affidavit of support requirement to include potential income of the alien who holds a college or university degree.
    - Considering rehabilitation-based relief.
    - Removing the "discretionary" part when considering some mechanisms for relief.

    Most importantly, any bill must understand that immigration benefits and immigration provisions affect the lives of tens of thousands of U.S. citizens, minor children and the economy as a whole.

  8. #28
    at long last... SOMEONE with the b a l l s and the intelligence to offer something to work with. And not bashing. thank u.

  9. #29
    I would expect something similar to Houston.

    But as he/she said, not reform and not comprehensive.

    I think I would advise anybody wanting to move to the US to just get in and wait it out, there will be another amnesty along soon.

  10. #30
    I would suggest you get a copy of the SJC markup, there's no per-se "amnesty", no immediate LPR status, no direct path to citizenship.

    In any case, what's your definition of "amnesty"?

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