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Thread: Illegal Mexican Exploitation

  1. #11
    Its funny how they break our laws and demand their "rights"; their rights are to remain silent and go back home. If it is so bad here, why do they stay????


  2. #12
    Thanks to everyone for there comments. Explora, you have been extremely helpful.

    I appreciate any help anyone still has to offer.

    Please don't respond to bigotted posts in this thread. It's a waste of time. For those of you that present an opposing view with tact, I appreciate and respect your opinion.


  3. #13
    Explora, I saw Milagro Beanfield. While I enjoyed the movie, it isn't quite what I'm looking for. Thank you for the suggestion.

    I'm looking for movies that show the exploitation of illegal mexican workers. Anyone have any other suggestions? I have also already seen A Day Without a Mexican. I loved it.


  4. #14
    Associated Press
    Thursday, March 8, 2007
    Immigration raid strands children

    In massachusetts, officials detain adults at work, leaving children in limbo.

    New Bedford, Mass.
    Dozens of young children were stranded at schools and with babysitters after their parents were rounded up by federal authorities who raided a leather-goods maker suspected of hiring illegal immigrants, authorities said Wednesday.
    Immigration officials said 327 of the 500 employees of Michael Bianco Inc., mostly women, were detained Tuesday by immigration officials for possible deportation as illegal immigrants.
    About 100 children were stuck with babysitters, caretakers and others, said Corinn Williams, director of the Community Economic Development Center of Southeastern Massachusetts.
    "We're continuing to get stories today about infants that were left behind," she said. "It's been a widespread humanitarian crisis here in New Bedford."
    Company owner Francesco Insolia, 50, and three top managers were arrested. A fifth person was arrested on charges of helping workers obtain fake identification.
    Authroities allege Insolia oversaw sweatshop conditions so he could meet the demands of $91-million in U.S. military contracts.
    Authroities released 45 detainees who were sole caregivers to children. No more releases were planned, said Marc Raimondi, a spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforecement. Eight pregnant women were also released for humanitarian reasons.
    Those still in custody were given the option of letting their children stay with a guardian or putting them in state care, Raimondi said.
    Investigators said the workers toiled in dingy conditions and faced onerous fines, such as a $20 charge for talking while working and spending more han two minutes in the bathroom.
    "They were given no options. It's either here, or the risk of no income at all. Clearly, they were exploited because of the fact they were here illegally," U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan said.
    "The whole story will come out, and at that point it will be a very different scenario," said Insolia's lawyer, Inga Bernstein.

  5. #15
    explora, read this too... all them kids that came home and waited for their parents and they didnt come home. Look at the conditions they were working in, would an american citizen work in such conditions?? i dont think so. No wonder they come here by the bus load. When will someone sit up and listen its not all the illegals that are exploiting the system. ITS THE SYSTEM EXPLOITING THE ILLEGALS.

  6. #16
    NTFD3 even though I hate to agree with you, on the issue of the system exploiting the illegals I agree that they do and in my view companies who hire illegals are just as complicit as the illegals when it comes to breaking our laws.....BUT the illegals accept this exploitation so I have zero sympathy for any of them anyway......No one forced them to cross our borders. In a utopia, companies would be fined draconianly or put out of business for hiring illegals thus providing a disincentive to hire illegals and evaporating the jobs. With no jobs to come here for, then the flow of illegals will fall dramatically apart from those who cross our border to use our hospitals for free. But of course we all know that this is all wishful thinking and that I don't expect things to change in anyway because there are too many business groups etc who are too heavyily invested in the status quo.

  7. #17
    People come illegally mostly because they do not qualify under the existing programs, and that's a fact that has prompted the President and the Secretary to call for the now-famous "guest worker program" that has nothing to do with amnesty or legalization. Who would cross a desert, risking death knowing that inhumane work conditions are to be expected if they could easily obtain a work permit and cross legally while protected by both immigration and labor law?

    A law cannot be designed based on fiction and without substantial consideration for reality. The famous Prohibition only resulted in moonshiners popping all over the country and dangerous police persuits, people being poisoned by home-made liquour and a dramatic increase in tax evation. Even some very famous "historic buildings" were designed to provide "secret compartments" for businessmen to hide their illegal liquour. When a law ignores reality, the law is destined for failure. Current INA ignores reality by failing to consider its most fundamental elements and the results are obvious; an exponential increase in illegal immgiration.

  8. #18
    What would be the reason in employing illegals if you were not going to exploit them?

    Isn't that the whole point?

    I know of no successful Guest Worker programme outside of totalitarian society's, and even then it is doubtful, see the German experience in the 60's and 70's.

  9. #19
    Ok, the US has an ever-worsening illegal immigration problem. Mass deportation is impossible. Amnesty is taboo even just as a spoken word. Guest Worker Program is at least viewed as the compromise solution, a middle ground attempt to not displease either side. Yet if it's not acceptable still, then, status quo is the best bet.

  10. #20
    First of all, let's all get one fact straight. Amnesty is alive and well today, it's present and codified as "relief" for certain immigrants including those from Cuba and Haiti. When some conservatives mention they have always opposed "amnesty" they must be talking about some other law because the concept exists in the law they actually endorsed ten years ago. These programs are not a special consideration available to all Citizens, or measures intended to bring about some substantial benefit to the economy, they're clear cut amnesty provisions aimed to satisfy certain interest groups.

    Amnesty exists in criminal law and has been strongly defended by the Supreme Court. What do you think the statute of limitations really is? Criminal law recognizes the draconian effect of expecting a defendant to "preserve evidence" related to wrongdoing for an unreasonably long period of time unless the case relates to "capital" offenses and grotesque offenses against minors. Civil statutes also feature similar protections. All these limitations are protected by the Constitution and the "ex-post-facto" clause. I'm not going to talk about "tolling" here but the concept is fairly simple, you're forgiven after a certain period of time, no questions asked, no conditions.

    But the concept of Amnesty extends well beyond the statutory provisions of law. Prosecutorial discretion and parole could be seen as other popular forms of Amnesty commonly used all over the country. When police issues a warning in lieu of a citation, the action amounts to nothing less than amnesty.

    Amnesty is a complete forgiveness of the offense, no questions asked, no conditions. Many people, on a daily basis, receive traffic tickets, so, are these folks subject to some amnesty? They are only required to pay their tickets, but most violations are defined as misdemeanors subject to imprisonment. The fact that the state has decided it's more efficient to dispose of such offenses by fine and not imprisonment doesn't mean there's no penalty imposed.

    Compare proposed legislations with what actually exists in the books. Cuban adjustment is done as a matter of law, fees are commonly waived, there's no penalty, no special condition imposed upon those who request that special relief. The program is clearly a selective amnesty. The proposed "legalization" program would mandate the imposition of fines and conditions, it's not a "green card giveaway" but a program that would place individuals on "probation" adjudicating the case after the probation is completed without incident.

    However, legalizations and guest worker programs are different. If no true reform is passed amnesty will become a periodic event, and that has been the case for the last 20 years. Reform means change in the law, rationalization, new mechanisms, revisions, new approaches. Reform doesn't mean amnesty. Amnesty or legalization is a measure that would allow the system to get a clean start, but it's not, and shouldn't be, a fundamental part of any reform bill.

    The danger is clear when the focus shifts away from reform to side matters like legalizations. The priority should be and remain reform, true reform, providing for a fair, humane and effective way to handle immigration in a rational manner compatible with reality. Again, legalizations are only "clean up" plans after the problem has been fixed.

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