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Thread: background check

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    I heard the INS has adopted new policy with regards to background checks of applicants either for AOS or Citizenship. With this, it would surely create more backlogs for us waiting for our GC. Care to comment about this.

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    I heard the INS has adopted new policy with regards to background checks of applicants either for AOS or Citizenship. With this, it would surely create more backlogs for us waiting for our GC. Care to comment about this.

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    My one comment has always been and will always be :
    Getting a Green Card is a *priviledge* not a right.

    There aren't enough of them and a lot of GC seekers...go with the flow, it'll make things a lot less painful.

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    It is everybody`s right to know what kind of process will be followed on her, what is the waiting time, what is the policy etc..One should not forget that this country is founded by immigrants, literally everyone was an immigrant (except Native Americans), I have great sympaty for all immigrants and current applicants...If there are policy changes this should be discloed fully, everyone knows that the INS is very inefficient, immigranst are human and should be treated with respect, if the INS wants to deny someone`s application, that is fine as long as there is a good reason and as long as they are fast...

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    green card is a game played by Americans to subject aliens to unspeakable difficulties, humiliations, and frustrations. It would be wise to say that after what one experiences until gets his/her green card, s/he will not desire anything else other than throw it in the garbage can. Sorry guys, that's the reality, the American reality!!!

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    This background checks keep me thinking, while they say it only takes a couple minutes to run the check thru the computer database on each case, then it takes 8 months for our I-130 to go thru this 2-minute check. I wish I knew what they are checking for 8 months...

    I appreciate their checking into every case, it is a good measure of security, but sometimes it sounds stupid in cases like mine.

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    INS is now subjecting all cases to a security background check. Delays were inevitable but the extent of those delays and the numerous problems caused are just coming to light. One of the main problems is that, regardless of where they are in the process, security checks must be performed now on all cases. However, not all INS offices are set up properly to perform the background checks.

    According to the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), even in those offices where the INS has IBIS access, many of the officers have not received training that would allow them to use the system. The Washington Post reported on May 16, 2002 that in the New York District Office there is only one computer with IBIS access. Twelve new computers are on the way. The net result is delay. Cases cannot be approved without IBIS clearance.

    In an INS Memo dated May 10, 2002, William R. Yates, Deputy Executive Associate Commissioner, Office of Field Operations, Immigration Services Division, set out the guidelines for IBIS checks for those who have successfully completed the naturalization interview and are awaiting the oath ceremony. One is not a U.S. citizen until sworn in. Depending upon location, the ceremony can take place on the same day as the interview or several months thereafter.

    The Memo directs that individuals waiting to be sworn in should be processed through IBIS prior to the ceremony "to the maximum extent possible." However, the IBIS check can take place subsequent to the oath ceremony if it is impossible to complete the check beforehand. This temporary leeway will only affect a small group of individuals, i.e. those set for swearing in between May 10, 2002 (the date of the Memo) and May 28, 2002. As the Memo explains, INS expects that no ceremony will proceed after May 28, 2002 without IBIS checks.

    As with any additional step, delays are inevitable. At this point, there is no reliable information available as to the anticipated length of delays in naturalization cases. While persons who are waiting to take the oath are in lawful permanent resident status and can continue to live and work in the U.S., delays in naturalization can have serious consequences for family members. In order to petition for certain family members, the petitioner must be a U.S. citizen. A delay in the naturalization of an adult child results in a longer wait for eligibility to immigrate for the parents. Depending upon the circumstances, such delays can cause hardship. Spousal cases are another example, since the naturalization of the petitioner significantly impacts the spouse, who is no longer subject to any waiting list and can file for adjustment of status.

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    Aladin, here's the reality. I think the laws are extremely complicated, and I'm learning about the unfairness of many of them. But these were created by a very small group of people, not the American population as a whole. Residence in the US is a privilege, not a right, and should not be that damn easy to achieve. If you want to pitch your card, so be it. I would hope instead that you would be happy for it and live here happily and at peace. Don't lump all Americans together, and please don't speak for me.

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    So, junk ones will keep waiting. Good ones will try to find some better places rather than kissing the *** of the INS. America could be a lot cleaner if INS cleaner. Cleaner in the sense that it would get rid of junk ones if it get rids of junks and jerks in the INS.

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