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Thread: Can I 130 be expedited ?

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    Does anyone know if an I 130 can be expedited?

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    Does anyone know if an I 130 can be expedited?

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    I-130s are being approved ONLY once an immigrant visa is available (when a prospective immigrant's priority date becomes current). If an immigrant visa isn't available, then there's no point in having an approved I-130.

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    Hi, Thanks

    The priority dates are current

    Its just that the sevice centre is so far behind and only woking on case filed in 1996

    And child may have aged out so have to do new petition and submit I 130 Child has been waiting since Jan 2002 already

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    answer is NO.
    Based on USC, where priority date always become current , it still takes 1 year, because the big line front of you.
    Based upon LPR , have priority dates and on LPR based petition will not even get NOA unless priority date become current, there are certain limits on number of visas issued based on LPR/year
    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..

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    Thanks folkes

    From what I understand the visa numbers are current but the service center is so far behind and working on cases received in 1999

    It appears my son may have aged out but and I 824 was filed by his father in Jan 2002 and have been waiting to hear if he was procted under this act

    So, (hope you do not mind) another question

    Can we request they will allow son an earlier PD of Jan 2002?

    Whats the chances of them allowing this?

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