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Thread: Possible Marriage Fraud

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    Thank you for responding to this post. Many of you comments helped me.

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    Thank you for responding to this post. Many of you comments helped me.

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    Yes, it is marriage fraud and you did the right thing by reporting her to the 'CIS. Her butt deserves to get sent back home!

    I went through the same exact situation you're going through now with my fraudulent Argentinian ex-wife. When she abandoned me a week after receiving a NOA letter regarding her AOS application, I immediately contacted the 'CIS, told them I highly suspected my wife was guilty of immigration marriage fraud, then requested that all my petitions be withdrawn. Ultimately I was able to get her go back home empty-handed, albeit voluntarily.


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    I'm 33, physically fit, healthy and financially stable. Why?

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    Hi Lada,

    When I met her on the Internet through one of her friends on, she was 23 and I was 46. When we got married she was 24 and I was 47. Now she just turned 26 yesterday the 28th. But, as I said, she knew our age difference when she married me.


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    If Hellen has only a conditional green card INS will not renew it after the 2 years is over, especially since you have contacted them regarding the marriage fraud. Since you are the petitioner I am thinking INS should be able to deport her sooner, but I am not sure on this.
    How old is Hellen (since she did not like being married to a much older man)? Did you get her as a mail order bride?
    Dmartmar and Joe 57777 sorry about what happened to both of you, however that does not mean that you should hate every immigrant because not all people are the same.
    To avoid these situations you need to know somebody for a really long time before you decide to marry them.

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    Hi dmartmar,

    I would appreciate if you could give me more information about withdrawing my wife's temporary conditional residency card petition. How long do I have to do that? She has had her card for about a year now. Am I too late to withdraw it? I also want to know all about your dealings with Immigration. Did your wife have a lawyer? What about divorce? I do not want my wife to be able to fight Immigration to prevent her from going back home to Indonesia. That is of course one of my major points. I want her out of here!!!!! My email is:

    Please get back to me,


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    Hi Ornela,

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, Hellen was 23 and I was 46 when I met her on the Internet through a friend of her's that was closer to my age who had a profile on When we got married I was 47 and she was of course 24. Yesterday she just turned 26. But usually in the beginning of a relationship is when people determine if an age difference is not going to work for either person. I certainly do not care if a woman is younger than me. Now of course there is a limit to age difference for me. I believe our age difference was max that I would go with in a serious relationship (which is what I always wanted). But the reason why some of us men go for women in general from other countries, is the appeal that these women seem to be known to treat men, for the most part, with a little more respect. They are also thought to be more "family oriented". This is just like many of us men in the U.S. want, but cannot seem to find it very easy in these new days and times inside the U.S. Also the younger women seem to be used to being with older men because that is what happens in many countries outside the U.S.

    I do not hate all men and women that come here, but of course I hate the men and women that come to the U.S. to take advantage of us U.S. people just to get their green cards and then leave us for another person that better suits their needs. I also hate the men and women that take advantage of their spouses in this country as well. But as I said, I was getting the impression that the "advantage taking" happen less in countries outside the U.S. But all I wanted was a woman that also wanted a family life, who also wanted a relationship where we could respect each other, and one where we could be honest and faithful to each other as well.


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    Once the divorce is finalised she can apply for a 10 year Green Card.

    There is nothing in your posts to suggest she will have any difficulty.

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