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Thread: Immigraiton Law Question: N400 final decission not yet made

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    Hello everyone!

    I have received an email with the following:

    "On ***xx the supervisor review of your case was completed. We will mail you a notice once a final decision has been made."

    I called USCIS and the second level officer told me that the final decision has not yet been made. Just FYI, after my interview I was given N652 and was recommended for approval.

    My question is, who makes the final decision? Is there yet another supervisor? What should I expect? I will greatly appreciate everyone's help!

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    The post has been deleted by the administrator for violating the discussion board rules.

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    What has happened is that the adjudicating officer wanted to deny, but this was held up by a supervisor. Usually the supervisor makes the decision. If he agrees to deny, usually the Field Office Director must review.

    I would suggest calling the Field Office Director of the office where your application has been filed.

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    The post has been deleted by the administrator for violating the discussion board rules.

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    Thanks for your replies. Who is AO? Is is the officer who interviewed me?
    The lady who interviewed me was really nice and we had pretty good conversation... She recommended me for approval and wished me all the best at the end... Do you think this could be any indication at all?

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    The post has been deleted by the administrator for violating the discussion board rules.

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    I guess Olde moron became OldE1 moron. There is no hesitancy to approve. USCIS gets to yes, if possible. Delays usually mean denial or an attempt at a denial.

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    The post has been deleted by the administrator for violating the discussion board rules.

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    Well, here is how things are. On the 7th I got email that supervisor completed my case. My wife got the same email the same day. On the 22nd I called USCIS, got transferred to level 2 officer (btw., I keep calling them every few days and talk to the level 2 and not waste time on the "greeter" guy who tells me what I see online). I found out that on the 15th both of our applications got verified by second supervisor. I was also told that everyone who doesn't get the oath on the spot goes through the same process. Both apps were approved by both supervisors (on the 7th and on 15th of February). And here is where the stink begins: the final guy is re-verifier that verifies that both supervisors' statements agree (nothing to do with approval!), and then he sends for the oath. My wife got re-verified on the 21st and on the 22nd got her oath letter with her oath being next week already on March 15th. My app? Still waiting to be re-verified (read: got freakin' lost!). Each time I call I get the answer that my app is approved but still waiting to be re-verified. On 5th of March I went for INFOPASS, asked for supervisor of N400, got to talk to him. He was nice. He made copies of my papers and my wife's, and said he will take it personally to the re-verifier guys. I realized that he didn't have my file with him when he talked to me, and they always have it. Clue? Well... I also went to my local congressman's office, and they were supposed to do something too. So far nothing. The re-verification process takes on average 1 day as it has nothing to do with approval, it only verifies both of the supervisors signatures (in my case both are approvals, so what to verify??). So unless someone physically goes and verifies physically that my papers are actually waiting to be re-verified, I am waiting in vain.
    Yesterday I talked to another level 2 officer and he sent a message to the local office asking why is my application stuck in re-verification step since it has been already approved. Will wait and see if this one does anything. I'm gonna call again maybe Monday, and then will make another INFOPASS. Maybe it's a waste of time, but what else can I do?
    Wise folks of the forum, tell me if I am missing anything?

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    So, I got the oath letter today (and an email update yesterday) and my oath is scheduled for March 16th together with my wife. An officer from the local USCIS called me as well just right now to ensure that I've received the letter and to tell me that they were able to accommodate my request for the oath scheduling. To say that I was positively shocked is an understatement. Looks like USCIS is seriously improving in their customer service. As long as you get passed the entry level rude officers and get a bit higher, people there are better for sure. Well, I am thrilled that my case is finally coming to a successful end!!

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