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Thread: Expired EAD

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    My EAD is expiring June 1,2004. Applied for renewal on April 2004 and have not recieved the new EAD. Will this create a problem since I will be working on an expired EAD?

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    My EAD is expiring June 1,2004. Applied for renewal on April 2004 and have not recieved the new EAD. Will this create a problem since I will be working on an expired EAD?

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    Any work you do beyond the expiration of your EAD without a new EAD is unauthorized employment. However, federal regulations allow you to go in person to your local CIS office to obtain your new EAD but only AFTER 90 DAYS from the receipt notice date.

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    If you were to work 2 weeks past the Expiration date on your EAD, will it cause the i-485 to be denied?

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    i anticipated this problem a while ago. my ead expired this August 15th. I applied for EAD renewal on March 19th. EAD NOA received Marh 23.

    I went for my EAD biometric on April 29th. Have not got my EAD yet but it will give me more time no matter what happens.

    I'm sure i will have my EAD by Aug...and i can walk in to get my EAD.

    Preparation is very important.

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    OK, I will state my opinion on this just because *I* will feel better. That is just one more RETARDED Immigration law!!!!!!! If you have applied in a reasonable time frame ( and applying in April for June date should be considered reasonable under OTHER circumstances) then WHY must someone wait 90 days past the receipt notice date??? That will mean going for weeks with no employment, no pay, and COULD cost a person their job!!!! Have I missed something here????

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    I read some where, can't find it now, that as long as you can produce proof to employer that you applied for your EAD months before it expires, that it is legal to work.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by NYCImmParalegal:

    Hi NYCImmParalegal:

    I feel I was caught in a catch 22 situation.
    it's been 6 months since I had my interview and my case is still pending. My EAD expires on July15 and I haven't applied for renewal since I was told by an immigration officer that I should be receiving my GC whithin 6 months after the interview.
    Well, six months have gone by and I haven't heard from INS yet. I'm afraid I'll have to wait a little longer until I get my residency approved. Although I was told that EAD is not a document that proves your legal status, it's still necessary for work authorization while you wait for your residency.
    Now I wonder if I should apply for EAD renewal or keep my fingers crossed and wait for my GC to be approved soon.
    Any advice?
    Thanks a lot!

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    My EAD expires July 1st. I filed for it in the middle of may. My school used to apply for me but stated that I had to adjust my status since I got married to a Citizen. We got married the end of april and had to wait for an Drs. appointment for the medical exam in May. I got it off soon afterwards and hoping It will come in time. The whole 90 day thing really ****s!! According to the good ole processing dates in my area it is estimated to take 3 weeks. Yeah right!! Apparently, my distric office sends it to Nebraska to process and then to Buffalo, then back to Albany. Who sends you the papers stating the date received? would anyone know this?

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    You may want to go into your local office about a week before your EAD expires and show them the papers for renewal and state that you need it renewed or restamped or something till your new one comes so you do not lose your job. At this point you have nothing to lose by going into the local office.

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