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Thread: AOS

  1. #1
    interviewed for AOS Buffalo, NY April 11, 2006.
    K 3 visa, and EAD runs out in September 06, do we have to extend the visa while we wait for the AOS processing?

  2. #2
    How did the AOS go??

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    We were told we would get a letter in 1 - 2 weeks time............ the interview was a repeat of one we had at the New Delhi India Embassy/Consulate ; October of 2002 after our civil marriage in India. We were separated and interviewed separately, to see if we answered questions the same way. Questions about consumation of our marriage, and why we got married?? We got married because of mutual interests as artists, and wanting to make a life together.
    There is a huge age differance between us and they are questioning why we got married????????
    Even after a second marriage here in the U.S. October 2004 after my husband finally arrived here.
    We had photo al***, and all required documentations, and still they are discriminating because of our age differance.
    Why in a country that we are supposed to be free to do and live as we wish do we still have to put up with DESCRIMINATIONS!

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    Given that your EAD won't expire until September, I would wait until you receive the letter regarding AOS.

    If necessary, I would apply to renew your EAD approximately ninety days before it's due to expire. Hopefully, you'll have received your AOS letter long before then, and - if all goes well - it will prove unnecessary to apply to renew your EAD.

  5. #5
    We are worried about his K 3 Visa......running out !
    Is the visa automatically extended if the AOS take s a long time to be approved?

  6. #6
    whats the age difference? Who is older?

  7. #7
    I am the US citizen wife older by more than 20 years..but here you are asking the same questions they do..wehat differance does it make how many years??

  8. #8
    Wow; that is weird; usually it is the husband who is older;
    Did you consummate the marriage? Did you have regular intercourse? How about o r a l ? Did you wear garter belt and stockings?

  9. #9
    What date is on the I-94 card stapled inside his passport? That is the date that determines his authorized period of stay.

    If his visa expires in September, it means that he cannot use the visa to travel overseas. However, if the I-94 is still valid, he can remain in the country legally.

    It is my understanding...although I am not certain...that entry on K-3 allows the spouse of a U.S. Citizen to remain in America until a decision is made on AOS.

    Does his I-94 (should be stapled inside passport) have a specific date printed on it, or does it say D/S?

    D/S means Duration of Status, and means that he can remain until a decision is made on AOS, but cannot travel overseas after his visa has expired.

  10. #10
    my questions are more important; please answer them first; we need to know to give you the best solution

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