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Thread: what is an EAD?

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    still trying to get the hang of the lingo here

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    still trying to get the hang of the lingo here

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    work permit, employment authorisation

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    Hey this is a question im typing on behalf of my friend here who wants to know "what to do once his work permit expires". Im the translator ;-) Can he reapply or? He is married to a USC of 2 years also and has been currently working until it expired. Now its a hardship for them because him and his wife arent making it now that his work stopped. Any Advice? (And they cannot afford a lawyer at this point--so im going to try to help them with my computer) He also noted to me as well as on the board in the past that his I-485 was submitted but rejected (this is hairball stuff)!

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    thank ya lucy! and elmosworld you need to post your question as a new topic

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    why was his I-485 rejected?

    You have to be in AOS pending status in order to keep renewing your EAD (work permit).

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    "You have to be in AOS pending status in order to keep renewing your EAD (work permit)."

    No so true. One can have a pending Asylum case for example and still get EAD issued/re-issued.

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    I have no idea why the I-485 was rejected, he left everything in the lawyers hands. Would we be able to redo all of the paperwork outselves and try again?

  9. #9
    Yes, but if you do not know what the problems were, you are likely to repeat them.

    AOS through marriage to a USC is pretty straight forward if he entered the US legally and does not have any past criminal violations.

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