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Thread: how tough for Obama to extend 245i ?

  1. #1
    can any explain how hard for Dems to extend 245i ?

  2. #2
    can any explain how hard for Dems to extend 245i ?

  3. #3
    Every year the number of people who opposed to 245(i) grows compared to previous year.
    It has already passed the critical point and those numbers no longer constitute minority - as it used to be in past.
    Neither Dems nor Repubs will pass anything when most people are opposed to it.
    You simply lose your seat if you act against what your constituents want from you and i think very few elected officials are up to doing something as irrational as that.

    "...I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit

  4. #4
    why reward dirtbags?????????

  5. #5
    For S12 and other patriotic, law abiding citizens: we must help Jan Brewer in any way we can. I donated $$ for her legal defense against the dirtbags, commie pinko liberals who are opposed to law and order. GO ARIZONA!!!

  6. #6
    Ok, what do you know about section 245(i), no amnesty? It's so easy to know, it's all over the net. Let's discuss about its pros and cons. I'm for its extension, yet you'll surely be against. Let's see what we both have to say.

  7. #7
    You cannot extend something that is no longer in effect

  8. #8
    Section 245(i) is part and parcel of INA. The prior cut-off date was on January 14, 1998. It was extended via LIFE Act on December 21, 2000 for a new cut-off date of April 30, 2001. It could be extended to another date beyond that. Why not?

  9. #9
    RN stick it, nobody cares, go discuss bull with your friends @ the ACLU.

  10. #10
    No no, this is an immigration forum. If you don't know anything about immigration, which is the likely case, then what's your business of being here? You better go to discussion boards of poultry or piggery keepers, or sheep herders, or dog trainers, or zoo cleaners, and the likes. You'll fit in there a lot better.

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